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That'll happen every now and then with a lot of people, with no intention to connect the two nor any desire to be cute. They may be accommodated in traditional housing, living with a friend or relative (this is called "doubling up" and counted as homeless), or in a hotel or motel.

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The excesses of Sharia law range from archaic to uncivilized to barbaric.

These are vestiges of a backwards culture that are an affront to values and principles Americans hold sacred.

Here are the questions in 2012: 1) Is the overriding imperative to come together behind the Republican nominee to defeat Obama?

Or, 2) Would you stand on uncompromising principle and see Obama win rather than elect someone of uncertain philosophical conviction like Mitt Romney? We are not remotely anything like Nazi Germany if Marge Schott rides the pines for a couple of years. Marge's temporary exile was meted out by her business partners not by you, me or the government. You'll probably find her lounging around at the country club or vacationing in Hawaii. [That term "homeless" is a generalized catchall that confuses the problem.

He's just not an American." [...] [The Denver Post's] credibility took a further hit thanks to the paper's decision to publish on Thursday a column by Mike Rosen, an AM radio host at Denver's KOA, under the headline "Mike Coffman was right about Obama in the first place." Much of the column is devoted to agreeing with Coffman's statement that Obama is not an American "in his heart," and to pillorying the president with a barrage of culture-war epithets: "leftist academic ideologues, blame-America-firsters and would-be revolutionaries," etc., etc.

To my eye, it's poor writing and poor political argument, but if the Post wants to make sure the Fox & Friends niche is represented in its opinion pages, that's the paper's choice.

What Coffman did say was that Barack Obama is not an American "in his heart." With that I also agree, emphatically.

I can't read Obama's heart but I can appraise his words, his history, and his actions as president.

He's cut from the same cloth as leftist academic ideologues, blame-America-firsters and would-be revolutionaries.

Their vision of America is a wistful, utopian notion of a socialist paradise, a country we have never been.

[ Rosen: Build Park 51, Then 'Hijack' A Plane To "Blow It To Smithereens." From an October 2010 debate between Rosen and Colorado AM 760 radio host David Sirota about the proposed construction of an Islamic community center in New York City: SIROTA: We are supposed to have a country that has religious freedom.