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“Being an idiot was fun.” If you could tease out a rule for dictating Kendrick’s choices, it might be this: Try everything.

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“Rereading the kind of fear I had then made me wonder, If I was that afraid of something now, would I still do it? In the journal, she has discovered a version of herself that she worries was “more motivated and ambitious” than she is now. She continues, “I texted my brother, and I was like, ‘I miss being a scrappy little nobody.’ And he was like, ‘You’re still scrappy, you just get more emails.’ ” It’s hard to believe that Kendrick, 30, could question her ambition when her filmography is only five credits shy of Tom Cruise’s.

Even she’s surprised by hearing her output quantified.

I'd just end up falling in love with the weird sound guy and making things uncomfortable for everyone," she tweeted March 12.

"To all the people joking about becoming sound guys, you should also know they put mics in actresses' cleavage/packs on inner thighs.

“I was on set for, like, two weeks,” she says, shrugging.

(Krasinski notes that Kendrick drove the six-hour round trip from New Orleans to Jackson, Mississippi, on her days off from Pitch Perfect 2 to participate in his film.) “I knew the second John sent me the script it was going to be personally fulfilling, so even if I don’t feel like it will set my career on fire, why on earth would I say no?

Right), franchises (Pitch Perfect), animated interpretations of collectible childhood toys (Trolls) — she has done everything except don a superhero’s spandex. There was a time not too long ago, when she was dashing from the set of The Accountant, her forthcoming drama with Ben Affleck, to the set of the Duplass brothers’ comedy Table 19, both of which filmed in Atlanta, then split for Hawaii to shoot Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, which is in theaters next month. Instead of cultivating an unreachable aura, Kendrick, through a combination of near ubiquity, a winning social-media presence, and who, me?

charm, has established herself as a down-to-earth and relatable celebrity.

“If it was as simple as saying ‘I’m only going to do projects now that are gonna really reach audiences,’ I would probably do that, but since there’s no formula, you just have to go off of personal joy,” she says.

This is likely a more recent and ex post facto strategy, unless pursuing joy somehow resulted in 2012’s dud What to Expect When You’re Expecting.

“Jesus,” she says, retrieving a sweet-potato chip from the bag on the table in front of her.