Who is alexsandra wright dating

Especially since Alexsandra Wright revealed Beyonce has never met her son Nixon (yet).

It’s interesting to note, Ta Qoya said she wanted her daughter to meet Bey, but said nothing about meeting her other big sister Solange and brother Nixon.

, Bey also recites several powerful monologues written by Somali-British poet Warsan Shire.

His label Music World Entertainment was formed from this deal.December 1995: Destiny's Child signs a seven-album deal with Columbia/Sony, with Mathew taking the largest managerial percentage while handling all of the expenses. The 4-year-old daughter that DNA proved to be Mathew Knowles’ last month. The former lingerie model-turned realtor sat down with “Inside Edition” to introduce adorable 4-year-old Koi Knowles to the masses, showing off pictures of Beyonce's half-sister, and she came armed with receipts.Her mother, Ta Qoya Branscomb, is speaking out in her first televised interview on “Inside Edition”. In the interview, the Texas mother revealed she was utterly shocked and surprised when she found out she was pregnant because Mathew Now, she’s battling it out with the 63-year-old former manager in court for child support for her daughter (after suing Mathew before it was proved he was the father). Following in the steps of his son’s mother (Alexsandra Wright), Mathew Knowles’ newest baby mama Ta Qoya Branscomb is now speaking out in her first televised interview since it was confirmed Papa Knowles was 99.998% the father.

As she talked about the results of the DNA test, Ta Qoya pulled out her receipts for proof and said, Good luck with that.Mathew has been married to Tina Knowles since 1980.They have 2 children together, Beyonce, 27, and 23-year-old Solange.Is Beyoncé drawing a parallel from her mother's former marriage to her own? Randy Taraborrelli's unauthorized biography , which highlighted many rumored tumultuous incidents between Mathew and his family.Below, examines the professional relationship between Beyoncé and Mathew, from Girls Tyme all the way up through . 4, 1981: Beyoncé Giselle Knowles enters the world at Houston's Park Plaza Hospital.His personal vision for the group, combined with his demanding demeanor, cause rumors that he's a difficult person to work with.