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I'd probably be really giggly and awkward, like a lot of people on the show.I noticed they kind of overcompensate with personality; a lot of them just made fun of it and started doing cartwheels or something zany just to get it out of the way. The trailer features a lot of buff young singles, as you'd expect from a reality TV dating show.

If anything, there was a guy who was uncircumcised and a girl who had never seen that before, and that made for more of a "Whoa" moment. There were no requirements but it seems most people went the route of getting rid of body hair.It's interesting because she'd never been confronted with that before and there it is in front of her and she couldn't help but point. As the trailer shows, nipples and crotches are all blurred. So you'll see some nice butts, just nothing from the front. A few people grew it out — we had a few girls rocking some bush, bringing the '70s back, but I would say that while the Brazilians might not have done well in the World Cup, they were No. What are some of the naked dates we're going to be seeing?Will there ever be a more risqué director's cut, or is that not allowed, contractually? There are some crazy dates — zip-lining naked has to be up there, also horseback riding naked, because of the sheer logistics of being naked on a horse. We had lots of adventurous dates, but also romantic ones — a real wide range.Yes, there are iron-clad agreements confirming that none of this footage will ever be released without the blurs. One couple went four-wheeling through the jungle, another went on a water trampoline. Would you say the dates got more sexual than they might on a "regular" dating show?How did auditions work, in terms of gauging people's comfort with nudity? Did they have to send in nude selfies or something?

I was not really involved in the auditions process, but I do think before our contestants flew out there was a final casting round where they had to get naked.

Is there much diversity among the contestants, be it in body type or age … The age range is from young 20s all the way up to 45 — male and female.

And it's all mixed up — it's not like there's an "older episode." It's all mixed ages, mixed bodies, mixed ethnicities, heights, weights, everything.

You give the signals of what is acceptable and what is not, and if someone crosses that line — well, that happens, and people deal with it as they would during life.

But we didn't put anything out there in terms of saying, "These are the rules you have to follow." We just wanted everyone to behave as themselves, in a normal dating situation … I find yoga awkward enough to begin with, let alone with a maybe-unexpected erection in the mix. In that situation I think it was a mutual attraction, so to her it was funny and awkward, sure, like saying, "Hi, there." But it didn't make her uncomfortable; it didn't make her want to do anything [sexual] right away either. They don't want to hook up right there in front of everyone.

When you're naked, you don't have to play that game.