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On the first day of the shoot, we were two new people in a new environment. From the first film, I went on to do 20 films or more; she went on to do some 20 more films and we came back together to do a film after seven to eight years.

We didn’t know technicalities like the left of camera, right of camera, track, trolley, focus, sound, action – we knew nothing. GD: Which was good – we kept getting offers to work together in between but both of us were pretty clear that if we did something again together it had to be something special.

RD: We had a very special first film and then we did Masti which was a big hit.In Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya it’s different because all these years I’ve known her as a person and not as an actor because we hardly visited each other’s sets.You think you’ve grown as an actor but she has also grown as an actor herself – so it was really great to work with a better actor than you are. And today both of us know how we want to be presented; we’ll concentrate on the scenes and give each frame our best. Many co-actors have this insecurity thing going on and it’s not wrong, it happens to all actors at some point of time.But Riteish is someone you can’t touch in terms of spontaneity and acting.On Riteish: Black biker jacket, from Dior; white shirt, from Gucci. At the end of 2011, while the rest of the world and its aunt are raising a toast to the change in calendar, actors Genelia D’Souza and Riteish Deshmukh are looking ahead to a more meaningful date on theirs.

And their daily schedules in the weeks preceding their marriage in February are packed choc-a-bloc, what with their latest film together Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya also due for a February release.

It was a slow process, it wasn’t like I was going to say ‘I love you’ to her today. Both of us are private people and we don’t like to bring out in public what happens in our personal space.

Love happened gradually; similarly we decided after a few years that we need to get used to the idea of staying with each other and started thinking about settling down. RD: I think it’s been a growth process for everything – be it love, settling down, being together. THEIR PERSONAL SPACE Coming out about their romance GD: I don’t think it’s important to speak about our personal lives. RD: Hats off to all the people out there who can cope with the media attention, confident about who they are.

He quips, staring at Genelia, “I could just keep looking at her. ” His fiancée, who has draped herself in an elegant pose on the floor in front of him, turns a beetroot red.

“Now, you have made her self-conscious,” we chide him.

“This is the first time we are talking about each other to anyone,” they both say, getting comfortably into chat mode….