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She huffily confided to him that her record stemmed from her refusal to turn her father over to the authorities.

After inquiring Sam's identity, the lead robot introduced himself as Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots, a race of sentient robots from Cybertron.

Prime introduced Jazz, his first lieutenant; Ironhide, his weapons expert; Ratchet, their medical officer (who revealed that Sam's pheromone levels indicated that he wanted to mate with Mikaela, something that embarrassed both teens); and identified the Camaro as Bumblebee, Sam's guardian.

Heading to an abandoned tool shed, Mikaela found a power saw and attacked the radio, decapitating it.

Mikaela then watched with trepidation as Sam tried to communicate with his now-bipedal car, learning that it could only speak through the radio and that it was an alien who had summoned others of its kind to Earth.

There Sam negotiated with Simmons to have Mikaela's criminal record expunged as part of his reward for helping Sector Seven with the information he had about the Transformers.

Mikaela was pleased with and grateful for Sam's change in attitude toward her.She still refused to sit in the driver's seat, as the car was driving, so Sam argued that since he had the only other seatbelt, she should sit in his lap. Mikaela agreed, then admitted that it was a smooth move on Sam's part.She then asked why the car turned back into a piece-of-crap Camaro if it was such a super-advanced robot.After a spat with her boyfriend Trent, she dumped him, and Sam gave her a ride home in his new car.When the car suffered engine trouble, she took a look at the engine and was very impressed with the layout. She is wearing a sleeveless midriff top, a short denim skirt, blackish-red colored closed toed wedge shoes, and is gleaming from perspiration.She hid her automotive knowledge from her boyfriends, for fear that they will be insecure around a girl who knows more about cars than they do.