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I’m sure id Google asked nicely, they could use the Cyanogen Mod/T-Mobile theme engine for AOSP.

(Sample theme is Zeu Bug from XDA.) I still think that stock Android is better than any manufacturer skin out there, bar none.

Not only is it a colossal blockbuster featuring Tom Cruise, but Universal is looking to build a cinematic monster universe.

This world be a movie realm featuring Johnny Depp as The Invisible Man, Russell Crowe as Dr.

Pull your phone out of your pocket, hold down the power button for a couple of seconds, and you’ve got the familiar LED flashlight, all without even looking at your screen.

(here’s a somewhat shaky video of the feature in action on AOKP.) It’s so handy that Samsung even added it to their tough-as-nails Rugby Smart for AT&T. Themes I’m not a big fan of themes myself, but commenter gmaninvan turned me on to this idea after Huawei announced that they were joining the custom UI bandwagon.

Sadly, the company hasn't yet been able to make any engineering changes to the Tesla's electric running gear; this new model is all about cosmetic upgrades.

You can read plenty into the addition of a speaker system that can play simulated V8 engine sounds and two warp-speed travel effects at various volumes...

In addition to letting modders pretty up their phones without resorting to root, a built-in themeing system might let some of the overenthusiastic manufacturers take it easy on the skins and just swap out a few image files.

That would lead to quicker, more stable devices and faster OS upgrades.

It does cause a slight but pleasant burning, and gives the mouth a swollen, been-making-out-for-hours look - very sexy. In fact, my lips actually turned a pink a shade lighter than their normal color. I used my English Ideas Lip Enhancer on my mouth before putting this on, and the effect was mind-blowing.