Updating links in indesign applescript

When getting the property you’ll receive either the “nothing” enumeration if there’s no active link or an ordered list of values: .

Getting the property from a text element containing more than one link will return only the first link.

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It simply takes forever to complete when there are 50 fields...On top of that, this has be done multiple times per week.The “catalog DD set” property lives on the document, is read/write and contains the DD Set that is associated with the document.(It’s the DD set that was active when the document’s initial catalog link was applied.) It’s simply the name of the folder containing the DD files used by the document’s links.There are three main reasons to extend Quark XPress: Note for developers: If you want to develop your own Quark XPress XTensions or to integrate Quark XPress in your existing publishing workflow solution, we provide the resources you need to meet specific customer and business requirements.

To join our Quark XPress developer program please contact us here to get detailed information.Ideally this would work with both Office 2004 and Office 2008 for mac.Any help would be appreciated, as I am pretty unfamiliar with coding Apple Script.Again, I need a script that will update parts of my powerpoint presentation from data in my excel workbook.In Catalog no longer issues spurious “A link with global field ‘page’ was found on the pasteboard on spread 1, and thus has no associated page number.” warnings when updating data using a DD that specifies the page number qualifier Fixed a problem where In Catalog could crash if a document generated with a previous version of In Design being opened in In Design CS2 happened to contain text with catalog link-bearing zero-space-break characters.Fixed a long-standing problem with DOS line-ends handling where the the LF of the CR LF sequence was being treated as part of the next record.