dating in alaska Updating firmware on macbookpro

database version: 8R0060884AR ECE 6.15.5 I believe this is the right topic for my version, however can anyone confirm this and the best way to get to this latest version? The MMI version information: Media version: HN _EU_AU3G_P0612 Nav. This should be changed according to manual Page 31 to the MAC address specifically to my MMI or should I continue to use the "2380_00040009.fsc" as stated in the manual page 18. So I'll probably pop in a post in the UK forum part to see if there is anyone nearby enough. This means I have to use Keldo's activator for example? I live in the caribbean and as such the radio frequency bandwidth is different from Japans. Will the links you guys have in this post work with my car to update the MMI?

updating firmware on macbookpro-86 Spanish translation thanks to homarc Turning off start-stop system Hello.i have mmi 3gp , version p0530 and i update the firmwware straight to k0900, but i didn't see any diferrences connect dont appear after update. At the moment my version information is as follows: Software version: HNav_EU_K0257_5D1 Nav.