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In Oracle Database 11 Note lines 6-7; the column is specified as "generated always as", meaning the column values are generated at runtime, not stored as part of the table.That clause is followed by how the value is calculated in the elaborate CASE statement.But is there a better approach in Oracle Database 11? The above statement will not issue an update to all the records of the table.Well, that's not a problem for new records where the value of the column will be automatically set to 'XX', but when the user selects this column for an existing record, that will return NULL, right? When a user selects the column for an existing record, Oracle gets the fact about the default value from the data dictionary and returns it to the user.Until it is completely recreated, no one can use it.

The recreation of the index is also an expensive process; it takes up a lot of database resources you would rather put to better use.

Finally, in line 15,"virtual" is specified to reinforce the fact that this is a virtual column.

Now, if you insert some records: select column_expression 2 from user_ind_expressions 3 where index_name = 'IN_SALES_CAT'; COLUMN_EXPRESSION--------------------------------------------------------------------------------CASE WHEN "SALES_AMT" condition includes the column in the index.

As everyone faces the same issue when altering a table during busy system time, they all find this new feature very helpful. Although happy with this feature alone, Jill ponders another issue somewhat related to the first one.

So Jill wonders, can this behavior be default so that they don't need to issue the ALTER SESSION statement every time? She wants to add the column TAX_CODE but it has to be NOT NULL.

When you create indexes, you can append the clause INVISIBLE at the end to build the index as invisible to the optimizer. Be aware of that when you create invisible indexes; you will not see the performance gain due to the index while at the same time you may pay a price during DML operations.