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determined that the stadium required million to be completely restored and an additional 5 million for ongoing maintenance and refurbishment over the next 20 years to extend its useful life.

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After 35 minutes, the umpires forfeited the game to the Twins.The Islanders protested, claiming they had no control over the lights.You have 3 minutes to talk to the person across from you and get to know them.At the end of the 3 minutes, a whistle blows and the guys all move over to the next girl and it starts all over again.However, the PCL sided with the Twins, citing a league rule that the home team is responsible for providing acceptable playing facilities.

could move using air casters into a diamond configuration for baseball (also used for soccer), an oval for football, or a triangle for concerts.

Additionally, while The Bus stopped right at the main gate of Honolulu Stadium, the Aloha Stadium stop was located some distance from the gate.

As a result, attendance plummeted and never really recovered—a major factor in the franchise's ultimate move to the mainland.

Additionally, stadium management initially refused to allow the use of metal spikes.

When the Tacoma Twins complied with a parent-club directive to wear the spikes, stadium management turned off the center field lights.

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