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Family violence manifests itself in a number of ways.For example, it may be a physical attack on one's spouse.Women's Ministries directors in the local churches should plan very early so that this day can be a part of the local church planning.

There is no room among Christ's followers for tyrannical control and the abuse of power or authority.

Motivated by their love for Christ, His disciples are called to show respect and concern for the welfare of others, to accept males and females as equals, and to acknowledge that every person has a right to respect and dignity.

Download all resource packets from 2002 to the present year.

General Conference Women's Ministries (GCWM) coordinates the production and distribution of the endnow recently revised the logo to read, "Adventists Say No to Violence." The final phrase "Against Women" was dropped.

Failure to relate to others in this way violates their personhood and devalues human beings created and redeemed by God.

The apostle Paul refers to the church as ‘‘the household of faith'' which functions as an extended family, offering acceptance, understanding, and comfort to all, especially to those who are hurting or disadvantaged.Leaders of these departments have contributed to recent endnow Emphasis Day resource packets.Children's Ministries, 2017; Health Ministries 2016; Education, 2015; Family Ministries, 2014.Many stories are reported of human trafficking, young girls forced into prostitution, Female Genital Mutilation, early childhood marriages, domestic violence, forced abortions, rape and on and on. " We want to encourage all women to be involved in and plan for this special day.As a church, as women of God, can we continue to sit quietly on the sidelines and do nothing for our many, many families, particularly, our sisters around the world who are suffering from some form of abuse. So on this day, we call to all our sisters and brothers to join us in speaking out for those in pain. Brochure 1 enditnow: What You Can Do About It Brochure 2 enditinow: Health Consequences of Violence Against Women Brochure 3 enditnow: Love Shouldn't Hurt, A Resource for Pastors Brochure 4 enditnow: Relationship and Dating Violence Brochure 5 Breaking the Silence Brochure 6 enditnow: Stop Child Abuse!The entire program packet may be opened in MS Word, or Adobe Acrobat, depending on which program is available to you.