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Many of the girls on this Korean dating site look like professional models.

Their long legs, their flawless faces and their revealing clothes make it nearly impossible to resist them.

They won’t forgive you if you have no sense of style. In fact, the less Korean you look, the higher your success rate.

The one Korean girl I skyped with told me that she (at first) didn’t want to skype with me because I only wear a t-shit on my profile picture. I mean, these girls are obviously not on this site to meet Korean guys.

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But no matter how much you curse, it that this Korean dating site is a scam.​I’m honest.

It’s harder to meet Korean women than it is to meet Thai women, Filipinas and Japanese women.No wonder that I didn’t get many replies.​Okay, this was the last plastic surgery joke. But still, they should have a Cupid Tag “plastic surgery”, but I guess none of the girls has the cojones to admit the Glamorous Korean Woman Photo Gallery.​You already know why a Standard Membership is not enough.With more than 400.000 active members, you will sooner or later find the right girl. Once you’ve joined Korean Cupid you can make your own experience and share it in the comments below.​They don’t do it for the money.South Korea is a wealthy nation and the last thing that these women need are your Benjamins.I mean, they even have enough money for plastic surgery. They love the Western culture and they are attracted to Caucasian men. I once met a South Korean girl in Thailand who looked like a professional model.