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now have in their possession police technology imported from the fascist state of Israel.Already, the Talmudic Jew, Michael Chertoff, the head of the DHS, has made a secret deal with Israel disguised as the “Maryland/Israel Homeland Security Partnership” which will be used against Americans who are sick & tired of the Jewish cabal here in America.This scenario may sound like science fiction but the will be applied to “non citizens.” But once one class of people is deprived of their rights it’s only a matter of time before other groups are also deprived.

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It was the worlds first sea battle between aircraft carriers.

It was also the first naval battle in which opposing ships neither saw nor fired on each other.

Strategists are being challenged to think beyond detect and disrupt border security operations and to perceive the border as a national security vector.

Countries are being polarised between militarisation and securitisation methodologies.

century border security John Coyne The all-hazards approach has broadened the scope of national security so as to embrace transnational migration, cyber-crime and terrorism.

Basic assumptions about geographically-defined national borders are changing.

It is highly recommended to those interested in the evolution of Australian military capability between 19.

Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, travel in convoy at Shoalwater Bay Training Area, North Queensland, during Exercise Talisman Sabre in July 2017.

After two failed attacks against Gaza in the spring, a third attempt in autumn involved manoeuvre around the open eastern flank of the line at Beersheba.

Third Gaza, overall, was a well-planned and well-executed battle. General Giulio Douhets seminal work, The Command of the Air (1921), and its sequels, The Probable Aspects of The War of The Future (1928), Recapitulation (1929), and The War of 19-- (1930), are foundational lessons for air power students, strategists and enthusiasts.

A century after the iconic Battle of Beersheba (see Chris Dawsons paper and the book review) mounted infantry continue to contribute to Australias defence.