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The successful candidate will be board-certified in otolaryngology and will have completed a one- or two-year fellowship in pediatric otolaryngology.

Women Organized Against Rape, a Philadelphia-based sexual violence crisis center, will open a satellite office on Main Campus on Wednesday to provide 24-hour support to survivors of sexual assault and sexual violence, the university announced Tuesday.

The service will act as a third party not associated with Temple, where students can report incidents of sexual assault.

“There can be concerns about the politics of accusing someone,” Dawson said.

“It’s important that Temple create a third party.” When students call the WOAR hotline, they will be given access to all of the university’s resources, but WOAR will not release students’ personal information to Temple, Seiss said. “They might let [Temple] know they met with 10 students over a one-month period.

Concerns about sexual assault resources came up during last year’s TSG elections.

“For a while, for students, we found through the [Presidential Committee on Sexual Misconduct] that students were asking for something,” said Andrea Seiss, Temple’s Title IX coordinator.

Dawson acted as a liaison between Temple’s administration and students.

When she spoke to administrators about what students wanted, Dawson said the university was already working on creating a center.

They’ll let me know if have any type of data that’s useful for patterns.” WOAR has always had some form of partnership with Temple, said Monique Howard, the organization’s executive director.

This partnership is an “amped up” version of the services WOAR already provides for the city.

Personal statements summarizing teaching experience, clinical and research interests and contributions to diversity are strongly encouraged.