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Scroll down on the same screen to Find my i Phone at the bottom of the list and click through to enable it specifically there.

On a mac OS desktop or laptop, you can enable the feature via the i Cloud icon in System Preferences.

There is one further piece of mind for you: if the thief wipes the phone in an attempt to resell it (or if you initiate the wipe remotely), it cannot be reactivated without your i Cloud details.

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Not wishing to exclude those inclined to the other mobile OS – Prey The great risk that comes with all portable devices is theft.

Not only do you risk losing an expensive piece of hardware, a stolen laptop also contains private and potentially confidential data, for example photos,...

We locked the phone and sent a polite message asking the ‘culprits’ to return it for a (very small) reward, but failing that we had their address to cross-reference on the employee database.

The next day we saw the phone travelling back to her workplace in the early morning, and when she arrived she found the phone had been anonymously returned with no reward asked for.

Many home and contents insurance policies cover devices when they’re out of the home, too. If it was indeed stolen, and the thief is happy to try every one of the 100000 combinations in a 6-digit lock code, your data may be at risk.

Use remote wipe as a last option only if you’re confident you won’t get the device back.

Click on the device once it’s been located correctly.

Your first move should be to activate Lost Mode and prevent any calls from being made.

It’s also used to enable Activation Lock, which renders your device useless Since i OS 8, Find my i Phone is enabled by default, but it’s a good idea to check in case you’ve accidentally disabled it at some point.1.

Make sure you’ve signed up and enabled i Cloud on your device.

Long story short: my wife had her i Phone stolen when she misplaced it at work.