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But since Norwell is not listed in a famous charter of 956 listing Southwell’s possessions, but belonged to the Chapter at Domesday, and it is known that Archbishop Ealdred of York (1061-9) had deliberately acquired lands to enhance the endowment at Southwell, it seems that this was the way that Norwell passed largely into the hands of the Church.The origins of the third Norwell prebend, Tertia Pars, have been much debated, but the matter appears to have been settled by a scrupulous edition of the charters of Archbishop Geoffrey of York (1189-1212).

Among them is a much-cited charter relating to Master Vacarius, canon of Southwell, whom other evidence shows holding land in Norwell by 1166.He was almost certainly prebendary of Overhall, historically the richest of the three Norwell prebends.Patrick Monahan was placed in Ents24's top 5 hardest-working comedians 2016.Patrick Monahan tour dates Scottish stand up comedian based in London, Leo Kearse started his comedy career in 2009. Leo Kearse tour dates BBC Radio 2 New Comedy Awards semi-finalist.By then the history of the church in the village was already bound up with the prebendal system at Southwell since the Chapter of St Mary, represented locally by two and then three canons or prebendaries, was already the major landlord of Norwell.

It remained so until the final abolition of the old Chapter at Southwell in 1841, when it was succeeded by the Ecclesiastical Commissioners who only finally sold the majority of their lands in Norwell to tenants in the mid twentieth century.Winner of ITV's Show Me The Funny, this half-Iranian, half-Middlesbrough comic is a rising star on the comedy circuit.Full of an insatiable lust for life, his exuberant comedy greets the audience like a sex-starved spaniel would greet a trouser leg.Expect great things from him in 2013.” - Western Mail Steffan Alun tour dates A friendly and energetic act, whose quality one-liner gags and upbeat persona liven up any night, Spiky Mike is founder of Funhouse Comedy and resident compere at all the clubs, as well as performing paid gigs at clubs around the country for respected promoters such as Agraman and Mirth Control.Spiky Mike tour dates We will link the artist's page to the account you are signed in with now.He is one of a new wave of British acts who draw on the heritage of US acts such as Chris Rock, Sam Kinison and Bill Burr to deliver powerful, rhetorical, personal comedy taking in big issues. 'A surrealist slant on the art of stand up that is refreshingly original and full of justified applause breaks' ( Liam Pickford tour dates “Gigging regularly since July 2011, Alun has honed his craft and is a prolific writer and reliable performer.