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After the first group has been presented for the same degree, abbreviated formulae are often used; the Praelector saying: "Hos etiam praesento et de his idem vobis praesto." "These I also present and of them I give you the same pledge." and the Vice-Chancellor saying in turn: "Te etiam admitto ad eundum gradum." "I admit you also to the same degree." After the last graduand has been admitted, one of the Esquire Bedells calls the Congregation to order with the word 'Magistri' (Masters). The Vice-Chancellor dissolves the Congregation with the words 'Nos dissolvimus hanc congregationem' and leaves in procession led by the Esquire Bedells and followed by the Registrary, the Proctors, the Pro-Proctors and the University Marshal.

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“It is not fully safe for people with severe allergies.Also if you shine a light on an area, it gives you the fingerprint of just that area,” says Goldring.It might not accurately tell you that that is an apple or that is a tomato because it is hard to classify between different spectrums that look almost exactly the same.” Nevertheless Goldring sees scores of use cases for the device, which is about the size of a smartphone camera.The company is in talks with OEM makers about incorporating the technology into other products.This means every compound should have a unique spectrum.

Light in the “near infrared” spectrum (from about 800 nm to 2500 nm) is well suited to exciting those bonds.Technically it is a near-infrared portable spectroscopic device, but let’s be honest, everyone thinks Jerusalem-based Consumer Physics’ SCi O is the closest thing you are going to get to Mr. However the device, which Consumer Physics hopes will help create a database of every product in the world, hasn’t just caught the imagination of geeks.The company was named last month by the World Economic Forum as a Technology Pioneer, one of 49 selected globally as the world’s most innovative companies.“You may miss the nut.” And, he says, while the device might tell you the difference between, say, an apple and an avocado, it might struggle to differentiate an apple from a pear.“It’s very challenging because most fruit are made up of water.“By the end of this year we hope we will be shipping to everyone on Kickstarter and we will start shipping to all of the pre-orders that we have on the website.” The company has 13,000 pre-orders.