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As it has become clear over the last few years that sex trafficking takes place on every continent (O.

His photos show the good-humored Latin American native — dark, handsome, and fit — in exotic destinations around the world, from Cairo to Capri.

Nowhere does the profile state explicitly that if you are an attractive female traveler, you might skip the couch entirely and wind up in Riccardo’s bed, but it’s a good possibility.

“One room is the working hotel room and the other room is where everyone else usually stays and they have just a few, very limited belongings.” Stanoch notes that the hotel staff moves pretty fast, once their suspicions have been raised.

“This isn’t something we wait on,” says Stanoch, about how bringing in law enforcement.

(Stanoch says people who are having consensual sex generally tend to be neater with their paraphernalia. ) Cleaners are also trained to watch out for a large number of computers or cell phones in a room. If one room is watching an unusual amount of porn on their hotel TV, that can trigger suspicions especially if it happens in tandem with other signs of trafficking. “We are very sensitive to our guest’s privacy,” says Stanoch. There have even been reports of some women having tattoos that mark ownership.

“If something is suspicious in the guest room, in addition to indicators like a room that has been paid for in cash or multiple men coming and going, this may be cause for concern.” Checking on the contents of another traveler’s room (or their TV habits) is of course frowned upon for regular guests, but there are things any traveler can watch out for: if you’re checking in or in the lobby, do the women being checked in have their own credit cards and forms of identification? If you’re on the same floor as a room which seems to have a lot of men hanging around outside, or a constant stream of visitors, you might want to let the hotel authorities know.

“These women and children are being victimized in hotels, and whether they’re our hotels or our competitors, we’re going to take a stance on it,” says Stanoch.

“Hotels need to be part of the solution because unfortunately that’s where many of these crimes happen.” One of the key times is at check in.

“Very few women are being paraded by the front desk,” says Stanoch.

Hotels have put in very sophisticated camera equipment, but that doesn’t mean they catch everything.

One front in this battle has been the hotel industry.