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Most people told me that the site was free, yet, a handful of males told me they couldn't actually message anyone without paying for "Premium" access. This is standard in many online dating circles (read: Dating Site Fine Print for more details), but in a nutshell: if you sign up and pay, you'll get automatically billed at the end of your term for the same term, again. I've contacted several people who have threatened legal action to get their money back, in cases where they either cancelled their account yet still got charged, or asked for a refund.

No one was successful at the time we spoke, however, one had received a refund by complaining through Pay Pal, the method they used for payment. Visit Their Website Want to review and share your own experiences?

Schultz, a native of Lilburn, Georgia, was a fourth-year computer engineering major, minoring in biomedical engineering, and was president of Georgia Tech’s Pride Alliance. 16, Georgia Tech police officers responded to a call of a person with a knife on West Campus. Schultz did not comply with officer requests to drop the weapon and advanced toward officers before a shot was fired.

As well, members complained of emails getting randomly deleted, not being able to delete certain emails, and no one on the service wanting to meet.I couldn't locate one female user, myself, that would actually talk to me either about their experiences. I did, however, discover a few details that you'll want to review before signing up - most notably their automatic billing practices.Since Friend Scout24 uses specialized technology to ensure its users are authenticated and live in the area they sign up for, I've found it difficult to review this dating site. I think this is the only review, out of close to a thousand in about a decade, where I've both given a one-star, and, told users to avoid the site at all costs. However, if you have used Friend Scout24, and want to share your experiences with other readers, please message me on Twitter or Facebook. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is investigating the incident.

“Scout’s sudden and tragic death today has been devastating news for the Schultz family and classmates — and for members of the community who knew Scout personally, the shock and grief are particularly acute,” said John Stein, dean of students and vice president of Student Life, in a note to the campus community Sunday.The Deutsche Telekom Group purchased the entire Scout24 company network in 2003, including Friend Scout24, and has owned it since.Friend Scout24 offers its dating site services to users in Germany, Spain, Holland, Italy, France Switzerland, and Austria, and all are offered in their native languages only - meaning, there is no English Friend Scout24.Students may also contact the Office of the Dean of Students or the Georgia Crisis and Access Line for additional support.“As we work through this tragic event, I encourage you to take advantage of all of the resources we provide here on campus for mental, emotional, and physical well-being,” Peterson said.Flowers were placed on West Campus in Schultz’s memory Sunday, and a campus vigil will take place today at 8 p.m.