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Additionally, due to staggering rates of alcoholism and domestic violence in Russia, eligible bachelors are in short supply.

Thus, international matchmaking agencies do more than just rip off gullible Western men — they offer deserving Russian women the opportunity to have a family life that is statistically less likely to involve drunken beatings.

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To many citizens — young and old, rural and urban — Putin represents a strong, decisive leader who will protect them as they gallop into their country’s future as an international is the quiet discontent simmering beneath the surface of Russian society.Perhaps this is why some Russians keep them, in the hope they possess a small fortune.there anything more useful than an old paintbrush covered in rock-hard, dried paint?When it comes to social, sexual, and meat-related matters, Russians err on the side of traditionalism, and so it’s advisable to fly your freak flags at half mast.

Otherwise, be prepared to defend your beliefs and values at great length. It is not a country where the average person discusses critical political views — not because they don’t have any, but because they know they don’t matter.Let’s just say alternative lifestyles are not yet acceptable alternatives in Russia.For many Russians, especially those living outside of Moscow and St.Petersburg, life remains a struggle with few opportunities for upward mobility.One of the most common caricatures of Russian women is that of the mail-order bride, some gold-digging Svetlana who dreams of green cards and platinum hair extensions.