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mnvld-n, lh.t .l Uiowh th, o-r- * *'"7 Thl " u | »uthm, dlrm Uon. Spott seventy- j three, one of the earl lest resident* of the Burnaby Lake dis- trict and a former reevl of BAriiaby Municipality, died in hospital -here early today. 22 —A further' Death Calls Dentist of Far North FAIRBANKS. So far a* representation for lhe three Western provinces are concerned the only possibility at the moment is that Hon. Police nj J.vuoncr* will report on depart- ment activities up to the end of, October Attention will be devo*ed to a letter from the Sidney Roof Uig del Paper Co. a* well a* lent*, bandage 1 , water, gasoline and (lie otlvcr supplies which in previous wars were kept far In the rear and brought up laboriously and often under the fire of long range enerfly"gunv RADIO DIRECTION Add to this picture one of com- manding general* roving over the desert in truck* outfit trri with radio vts by which they are kept in con- stant touch with all sectors of their rapidly changing frnnl*. in which the tn- fantry moved into position one day, tanks another and armored cm* another, nil of them depending upon a continuous stream of *un- pllea from the rear Those days are gone for ever on the Libyan de*ert, the expert* here point out, and a* the final proof, they add. There is one altar where I bow me low; One priesthood fair to whom my soul confesses; Not where soft shaft* of red and purple show On sculptured walls and saints in dim recesses. It tends towards a higher degree of efficiency and economy. ADMITTING WARD An Innovation is the admitting ward, where young patient* are re- ceived and kept for forty -eight hour*, during which period it 1* pos- W. On two occasions in the first half he drove through for unconverted tries giving h U learn the 0-0 half-time lead FLAY 18 RAGGED Pla.v was a trifle ragged during the opening session and.

Thomas Trcriir May (io To l |»prr Hoiisp — Big Shakr-l p Exprrtrd In (Jufl»ff , n Rcprr Hc^nlation O TTAWA, Nov. — Some important changes in th« Cib- inet are expected to be made by the time Parliament re- assemble# on January 21. Reports will be presented by 'the health, lands, finance Slid fire wardens committee*. FRANCIS PHILCO 53x 6 Tubcc - 5 Bands JEWELER 1210 DOUGLAS ST A thrilling new version of thr fattest. You need pay only one-third down and the balance on Malleks Budget Plan, and prices ac- tually start as low as I III 1. T l HI B8) COOK l A LARGE congregation yesterday afternoon at Hayward s B C. (bubs • Cooke, who «u killed In a car crash on Wednesday night on the Island Highway. Kindly Light.” The remains were laid at rest in Colwuod Burial Park, with the following as pall- bearers: Jack Mc Naught, Archibald Watt, Alex Barren, Archibald Os- borne. When the unit halts, the food Is right there and plenty or It. Cantnwtcd with this wa* the re- treating British army still following the straggling movement* of the first Great War. -/ mi: week Britain struck hard in the west- BATTLt FOR MOSCOW One Priesthood Fair! COST ACCOUNTING By the cost accounting system It is IKis Mble for the directors of the institution to determine Just what each service of the hospital Is cost- ing. (victoria, LTD double porcelain sink for clean-up work after treatment or operation, cabinet containing various solutions. Next to the treatment room U lo- cated the distribution kitchen, well equipped with refrigerator, steam warmer, porteluln wink, gas burners, tray rnrkv and other equipment neces Mirv for the distribution or food from the mum kitchen or the preparation of nourishment between meal*. outstanding player on the field and he went over for three of the students’ trie*.

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Brlu * h iuccom in Libya, beside* Capurzo on the Libyan-Egyptian border. Today s ceremony ha* been wtog to be officially opened on Thursday afternoon. In their wake they leave hope where there was no hope —rest and relief where there was pain and suffering. day and night, the great, humanitarian work of the Red Cross is earned on. Prankle Slnkwlch led Georgia to an easy 35-0 conquest of Dartmouth. Washington State nanded Oon- saga a 59-0 trouncing, while Idaho won from Montana State 39-0 Hall. POt TTKYMEN TO MEET pv ICTURED above Is the first I string forward line of the Royal Canadian Air Poice hockey sex- tette, who will be seen In action to- morrow evening at the Willows Arena, against the Army ’’Greens," In the second game of the Services Hockey League double-header Roya J A meeting of the Pacific Coast Poultry Producers’ Association, will be btld at the YMCA on Tueadav at 9 p Jn. 1 41 1-8 AUO ran: Plaj-tlm* Oiri Skipper Z speculator. a the action Mnee purpose of wiping out trapped German mechanized They Embarked for an Unknown . r th, mangle and had .epara ed thr prmcpal German tank con northwest towards Solium and Tob- centrall °n to the east and a lesser one to the west. W Rowell Succumbs to ^ Behind came infantry hme it was disclosed New Zealand forces have taken Fort I ormthw lllnnc nt T i ! The first cere- mony will take place this afternoon at 3 o'clock at Broad and Yate* Street*, while the second will take place at the entrance to the new wing of the hospital at 3 o'clock on Thursday afternoon. Well.'' replied the foreman, ”ye take more din out nn yer hoot* Directs Nursing of Hospital Staff jg OMBS crash. Back and forth, amid fire and falling masonry, the ambulances come and go. 1041 TOPS FIELD {varsity Ruggers Defeat Victoria Army Squad, 19-0 ashington Loses To Oregon Squad; i Sotre Dame Win R. Florida's passing attack upset Oeorgla Tech, 14-7, and Tennessee spilled Ken- tucky, 20-7. Drawn from all parts of Canada, some of the finest hockey players In the Dominion are reported to be included on the line- ups of the four clubs Those In the picture, from left to right, are: Miller, Gilpin and O’Connor. { sterilizers, monel metal scrap block; I four-burner gas plate; Ubles, sinks, etc. Tin* ward u brightly furnished, and each bed divided off with heavy linen curtains for privacy, and give private room efficiency whrn the need arises. • A PGLD1NO Bail Y BUGGY • Ilu AII credit terms See our Cu G.,»ur* dsi-aummi J6ACDOMALD ILE'-TRIC Mourik* at V*«w IIIATFR. Thr baby's formula room also Is located near the diet kitchen and Is equipped with high pressure steril- izer, rrfngerator. A serving kitchen and pantry for nurses and staff la equipped with | a steam table; Hobart dish washer which handles 4 000 dishes an hour. they are now given a special tick bay of their own. weather rnnrc A«T«i Victoria arid Vicinity - Ught northerly winds; mostly fair and cool, severe frost* tonight. to be on guard, the White House After falling to take Rostov from *atd today that Germany was pre- ■ , the west, soviet dispatches said, the paring a Wittier peace offensive en I ^ J. Liberal member-elect for fa P Uvp coal mln, 8,rlk * * a * bitterest campaign* In the hbtorv of ^ " L . A tribute to the efficiency of the hospital and It* medical staff is contained to the statist lea dealing with to# number of discharged and cured case*. L Rangers, Toronto And Detroit II in Official Opening of Victoria’s New Arena lee II ocke y ( l a nies Patrick's Team Como to Life and Whip* Cana- dian*, 7-2, While Leafs Shut Out Chicago, 3-0 — Red Wings Capture Ilard-Fought Tussle Prom Brooklyn Club by 2-1 Score HOW THEY STAND Second Period — 3. who officially opened the new ice forum; and civic, municipal and sir force representatives. r, uflet hi* il dr •••nre nui iravu on KJuok- up late •ui 111 but a fighting coupled with 'C pu 1 1 ol the ruling rniirrly from line for lo no avail, . Hickey, with aevru other* who won Ihelr re*i|ectlve competitions. K*qul- malt j V«m Vai KMMI Dirk iv ght, All weiterwlght. Nor in IN*' Wrlgl haav Dt mver; Van- l« George Cou Uc was n-frrre umpire and Services Hockey League BRENTWOOD AND JAMES BAT WIN Opens Monday Night at 8 Bill Oomair* penalty kirk In the first half gave Jnrnrs Bav senior rue- ger*.

Vancouver and Vlciuty — Light winds; mo«ily fair and cool, severe frosts tonight. KPIIONBI Advertising K mplre 4114 Business Office .. Germans struck at the dtv from bracing propewah o lenslbly i -a tor- I h* T 1 » I I * I \ ' another undeaignated sector where mg econo., ir and political tnd-n-n- * ^ ^ ^ El J Red Army defenders lacked natural donee to continental Europe but ;-c- - defence positions to oppose Lhe mo- tually leaving Hitler master ol a m ’ ^ a bile Nazi form In a two-day bat- string of "puppet states.” ^ Ijl |T tie before Roatov the Russians said Btophen T. III \*/ L- the Germans lost fifty tanks, con- secretary, disrlawd at a pres* con- I W W d a 1 Mtlerable motorized infantry and ference his Government had reports LI / ^ v | . of such a plan A reporter had I I F” I i | Continued on Page 2 , Culumn 1 OAlted whether an “economic pvftrr ^ B. — | wrs about to be pm po*ed by the A I I Afl RFFIl (l\l Eurlv bo U ‘ prr Mdf " ! “all phnse.t of the international *Hu- tog tor leaving the door open 'o* ^ . : that t y a series Lord Halifax, the Rrituh Amboa- P*** fat fi throne hour Europe with Midor, told newfpapermrn when Uie Germany always long conference broke up that com- lrtdn * 8 plete harmony existed in the pn»t- Conttnaed on Pi tlon* of the United 8Ut«s, Great Br IUto. § Netherlands l\ i UOJ I holding the Conttnaed on Page t. These numbered 3.109 last year as compared with 2.540 In 1030. In the foreground is the huge drum used in the drawing of the three priie tickets in the Knight of Pythias car raffle, which raised ,185.91 for the Lord Mayor’s Fund. Only marker aco l ed bv Art c Jubrnutc N split to give him an an* beaten nil ' liar's drive uom United* buck* stages nf (he ,n) Kcrnst Ulc dole err OHC shooting local forward*, n out of tlie qtu-siian Approximately iwto fans braved one of till* coldest soever davs of 'he aruson to w'tti Kwi ihc club, in action Dave Mi Millan referred Une-ups Kerrladale — Mob Mi Niroll Tommy Puton, Jock Hlpvell. Will go to Seattle to compete In U»at • city’* Golden Glove* curd Winner* m their di Uercnt clawes weir Flyweight, Jackin Turner, i Vancouver; bantamweight, Verne i Byrd, Vancouver. a 3-0 victory over the Navy nf- •een yesterday aftrinrsiti at Oak Bay Park in Oil exhibition march The Bays dominated the ptnv most of the time, and Munarer Mclnne* «m ptoaeed with the way hi# mure new three-qu*ft*r line worked dur- ing the game Brentarstij College Journeyed Up- Island and returned to the city will) a 31-9 riruiry over Shawnlgan Lake School The collegian* led at the half. L - 1 Contis ued from Page I "What about that notice outside Thr Moscow newspaper Pravda your shop 'Money relumed If not said the Germans were attacking satisfied t“ protested tha dla- the Moscow defence with ’'pmbabt T grun Ued customer. Rut to bring practical husbands to see reason we now have the cold weather argument also. Something had to be done, nr valuable time would he lost There seemed Do BOMBS inflow N Saint Michael in the "Left Bank’ quarter ol Paris, the German radio said. 22 UP — The crushing British advance ucroas the Libyan desert against Axis defend- ers, In which artillery, airplanes. ~ i » won on ” VA*m.l4 FLAVORING •I ox A (SC bottle I U OATS FLOUR COFFEE COCOA Corned Beef Marmalade ROBIN HOOD, large pkt at v« k on a HI TV PEPPER lb o“ Bri Uta .truck tod In u» wot- , who are able to appraise the present situation and era desert at dawn on Tuesday, Subscription Rate* by City Carrier: I to estimate, on the basis of his conquests, the catching Oertnan and Italian Yearly - »12 00 | strength of the enemy who has to be overcome, armored force* off guard Brilliant* Monthly - 1 00 j Canada needs a clarion call to action. y co-ordinated on land, aea and in ah subscription* payable to advanoe Mall subscriber* opinion Is aching for leadership. Half-Yearly 3 oo character, disastrous or otherwise, fall to give a [oratlgn uf tlie Axis North African While ruddy lips and great round eyes do glow. I • * 7 Momhly 160 lnsplr# the people, and has failed In the purpose ° rm Br,raln held the edge on To simple things and fair, that God made so; ““ — Cook, Mr*. All members are invited to attend And bring their work. Pnlteraon advu-ed the meeting of the death of Mr Allen Harber, a former t'hemalnu* pastor. KNOX CONVENER Mrs Thomas Mc Allister Knox will be the convener of the committee in charge of the *ale, asslsied by mem- ber* of the auxiliary, Miw Doi On Tuesday. of England, held thj an- nual bazaar on Thuntday In the 8. Hall width was opened by FOSTER’S FUR STORK The display of handcraft mad* by attracting many interested eminent Street, under the 194 8 Jnhn*e*n Street Phone E 3511 •presiding, an Intcrealing Matthew* on ' Arrange menu pack tr le ann ly in I J. i Include* mobile treatment table.) Jar'll I I I ra wi r-\ Equipped with its own treatment mobile dressing wagon, with stmie IV I L|ljlft Jra| I I L I room, a receiving ward to guard instrument containers various solu- I ■ 1 I ■ I 111 |\ 1 1 1/ I J] against infection or contagion; ton- , tlons; bandage*: swab atlck* and 4 4 all. Then there 1* a glc&l wards for boys and girls, this | set of scales, a solution basin, high- j Ground FIOOT CO-Ordinate S Inter-Departmental Work JUBILEE TAXI ANYTHING IN STUCCO OR PLASTERING Special Attention to Patients Going To ami From Hospitals 320 SHELBOURNE ST PHONE E 5792 HEATED CARS REASONABLE RATES With the completion of the new» wing at the Royal Jubilee Hospital an entirely new entrance has been provided to this Institution for patient*, and emergency cases, while the business department has now been centralized Into one complete unit All ambulance cafes are received at a sprdal entrance close to the emergency ward and emer- gency treatment rooms, which are equipped to handle everything except a major operation. the ball to commence the game that was wit- nessed by some 1.500 cadets of the Canadian Officers Training Corps. Victoria, have been awarded the contract for a large ronstnietlon at the Royal Ca- nadian Naval Barracks at Baqulmalt, it waa announced tonight The con- tract price I* *80 000 and work la to atari Immediately. t/it ahopkeeper, “I am ever seen In modem warfare” The •stis/led wiili your money." I Oiwinan army waa as Id to hart been Councillor* i, L Hot be W W Richmond and John Wa Uon are standing for re -ejection Councillor J Oliver will “more than likely' wwk a return Vo office, and It la consider sd possible Utat the remain - SI ■ Milllsey ,•.« flf 3 W 3 I «»r fnrr. -•*• t nllmrm •h of nnlrr- and short- age of supplies — they cannot promise definitely any further shipments he fore Christinas if you are ptanninj' lo l»ive your family a \ II. She just \ ANTS one because she knows that a Fur Coal does something to her appearance that NOTHING else can do. AH was in readme** for production— except that the installation of the heating system was behind schedule It w a* Impossible to work In the clammy, penetrating chill of the Eastern Full morning. 21 (fl»i-Two young men threw two bombs today at the German Library on Boulevard Continued from Page I Heavy opposition from tank force* was yet to be overcome, how’ever before they could Join hands with other Brltuih force* which had reached Reregh airfield, but ten mile* south of Tobruk EMPLOY NEW TAt TICS LONDON, Nov. It’» finished in White Porcelain Enamel with White dakelitc Handles, Chromium-trimmed, and if complete with all modern convenience*— Automatic Oven Heat Control, Auto- matic Top Burner Lighter. Large Utility Compartment, and Cabinet Type Base with Toe Space. auu mu uie i Yearly geoo ™ xr ^ tlme - when events of whatever tu&ge for a repetilon of the obllt- . E Perr paper by Dr The World Cl Witty Kitty Money-Saving Values Every Day at For That Small Bungalow or Apartment Complete With Floor Attachments made me regular meeting of Court Maple Leaf No B302 will be held tomorrow evening, with Mr* F Cartwright In the chair, After the business session a knitting bee will be held. Wyilie reported parcel* being packed ervlce Club A dona- tion of 12 wa* made for Red Crow blanket* Mrs. Mrs the devotions Hugh Allison Refreshment* YOU HELP i of war Bundles on th* fur owl, The Red ^ Cross Workshop l-cxltr Rataar Prtnei Alexandra Lodge No 18. Its equipment | / I LIU 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I 1 1/1 I IU11 centre. rwiervei | to summon such a confer- n ' omiw ’ Liberal member- tj ft m tj mi a From Europe Dai In l)a\ — THE TIMES. /-* jj Another concentration of German encircling tanks, the British Command reported today. “ * nd ' lx ," British Headquarters declared terrific dogfights be- ST* 5 f tanks before being driven off to the n northern* t tween roving squads of clanking tanks were taking Italian armored division* met by place on Saturday in a giant triangle east of Tobruk — ^ British forera earlier to ll, e opera- fl S thc atta cking British forces darted in for the I tkm have taken no further part to ... when he succeeded Sir W.l- r T "’- ,in K ,n ^methlng like equal f I H bend Men Back Pending llam Mulock. K HP) -The 19H formed the^ba*tl or^ne^ttol i h,m Ch mnr '‘ ■ trar *°'- ,n wd** ■ HL captive coal mine strike wo* ended blttereat campaign* in the hi trrv r , W * Pn thr dw ”.v. Continued on Page Column 5 into a defensive position for *V rr ~ ,d ' nl Organlretlon Replle. During the last year, a total of 76J major operations were per- formed. R N, U NDER the supervision **r Ml** Mitchell come* the nurxlng •laf T of the Royal Jubilee Hiwpltel Flic t* aided by Mlaa Curry, amlxtant director, and by a competent. who In turn direct their own department*, being rcftpnndbl* lo Mias Mitchell for toe efficiency of those department*. Andy, please I Don t sa tell you first I aiippo Mt Id better break the news to her before she pick* It up from the neighbors Co you suppose shell up my rate* here? Macdonald Park ai o’clock A Pt« 33 8 67 4 83 4 War- Rhie 2 30 BEUEl E IT OR V7 By Ripley Clam and Oyster GREW TOGETHER Found bq Raymond R Ricmardsog N orfolk. Clemson took a South- ern Conference decision from Fur- man. Oregon State, brushing past Mon- tana with ease 37-0, remained In the U ck of the race for the Roee Bowl assignment. 19-10 This left the Bowl assign- ment strictly between Oregon State and Stanford unless both should las* in their t final games. " Husband: Yes I know, but I didn’t know how well off I was FIRST BACK — 14Us sod nn#-sim*n U»: Iron Ouard icorbstt) . Lenyiny Illness at I oronio | Hhaklnr the already faltering moral* Thc wedge was described as being firmly held, and repeated — Burial Tomorrow I°f Iu, y- ml Rht have a contrary ef- attempts of the German Eastern force to break through to the tect on the Ftrnch righting service# west were repulsed. Nov 22 CF whorn ,f Germans were estimated to have lost a third of their armored nationally known a* a lawyer, dlplo- wo ' ld ,rarfrn and In * ,),re strength in Africa by Friday morning, and half of it by Friday 'mat and churchman, will be burled I . here on Monday afternoon, with fu- * CRASH INTO GERMAN FLANKS ■St j ai)»n W Whittaker, for five day* Attomey- Oeneral, was gone, and Hon Thoms* King Liberal member- elect for Columbia, remained a* the new Minlzter of Public Worts. It wo* foreseen, had for- MKmr \ rra BORN IN ONTARIO II I 1 1 1 1 1 L n 1 L 1 1 U Born on B Mtddkwex County farm U4lt '* n the of the Ger- 1 * r ' in Ontario. Rowe U rxxie to the man * and that Ht«*lan« *nd Ger- P os,l, ° na Miners’ Committee Votes to p**itmn of chief justtae or omano mftn “ now for lhe ^ t,m *‘ ftr,k ^ ^ c i .* n , „ in 1938. 1* reflected to tha statistics relating to surgical operations, medical examinations and consultations. The result* are listed a* follows, and Illustrate the splendid degree nl efficiency that exists: cured 3 109; Improved, 2 262; not treated. Tirelessly, gladly* uncom- plainingly the Red Cross workers battle against terrific MISS UNA MITCHELL. Junie Hovolout counted twice as Mixvt Mjppi stopped Arkan- sas, 18-0. Results follow Wife: You told me before we were married that you were well of! - Japanese Proposals for Set* „„ that invitation., .1.^ Bntl8h * tlement of Problem Studied l"*” T ^ , r|)k . ( »lumn 5 Winter-few now doubt Moscow’s p r cept the results. The number of minor operations likewise showed a marked Increase, toe figure for 1940 being 1,607 as , compared with 1 ,49ft to 1939. This chapter has had Installed In I the tile work which face* the store The number of deaths showed a marked decrease despite toe big increase to toe num- ber of operations, treatments and medical coses. Thit Canadian plant It tho Inrgott single source of mechanical transport for tho arm lot of tho Implro, having olroady sup- plied more thon 100,000 military vokkloo. W Mle destruction is unloosed around them they work their little miracles. There * an Weal One good Jolt de*ervew another." He hurried to his wardrobe and came back with a bottle "This will steady things and I behev* we owe a Ut Ue toast to our- selves, at that. — • «Tn Be Continued' MOVING BUSINESS Dewlrou* of bucking up bu#irv**a, [ the proprietor of a large department ! THE FIRST STREET OF COLONIAL AMERICA NAS LEYDEN ST. AND IT NAS HERE THAT Tuc INHABITANTS CELEBRATED THE FIRST THANKSGIVING AT THE PROCLAMATION OF GOVERNOR BRADFORD ! Their long passes from wing to wing were popu- lar with the Victoria fana.