Raddatepicker not updating Chat with anties site

Hi Christoph, This is not supported by Rad Date Picker - you cannot force parsing the text.

In my previous post I suggested to use Parse Date Time Value event, because in its handler you can get the characters right after they're entered in the input.

I found a bug on my site and I can't seem to find a solution.

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When entering a date by hand and NOT tabbing/clicking somewhere outside of the Rad Date Picker the Selected Date is not written down to de Data Context.

I know this is a usual behavior in WPF and I have a workaround for the Text Box in form of checking the focused element, getting the bindingexpression and updating it before saving my object.

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, The reason for the observed behavior is that the base. In scenarios like this one you would need to implement a Default Template that will be returned instead of calling the base method.

Use the little popup box on the control to add the required web.config entry.

This array is then passed to a different method which places the controls within a table cell which is placed in a table row and then placed in the table "custom Properties" Quite possibly, telerik.com/help/aspnet-ajax/(Telerik's Page on the control for reference) .

So the Date Template Selector should look as shown below: Thanks Kalin! It drove me crazy for a couple of days because I think this was working on a previous version of Telerik.

Hi Kamini, Such an issue can happen if the Rad Date Picker is placed inside an Ajax Modal Popup, a Rad Ajax Panel or a Rad Window.

This was one of the major changes since the Q2 2010 release as we shipped the new Rad Date Time Picker control.

As about the problem you are facing - the value entered in the Tex Box is being parsed after the control looses its focus.

Date: Rad Date Picker dp = new Rad Date Picker(); dp = current Values as Rad Date Picker; if (dp.