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Rainy Seattle, famous for its coffee and alternative music, has a lot to offer its over 33,000 unmarried residents — including easy access to everything from beaches and lakes to mountains and performing arts centers.

With honest advice, hospitable support, and intuitive matching, Renessa empowers individuals to make a love connection that lasts a lifetime.At age 9, Renessa Rios faced a family crisis that began with her parents divorcing and culminated with living in her mother’s car and in homeless shelters. Her positive outlook came from her mother, who told Renessa and her two siblings their hardships were only temporary and things would soon turn around.With its thriving performing arts district in Midtown and rich music history, you’ll have plenty of options for date night when you do find love in this Southern city. Even with these upscale establishments, price shouldn’t prove to be an issue for you and your date as Atlanta remains moderately priced and boasts the fourth-highest median income in our top 10. Here’s how the score for each city was calculated: 1. For the best cities for single men, this variable was replaced with the number of unmarried women per 100 unmarried men. Cost of a date is the price of a three-course meal for two at a midrange restaurant from Numbeo and the price of two movie tickets from the Council for Community and Economic Research.

The percentage of the unmarried population older than 15 from the U.

You can trust that we maintain strict editorial integrity in our writing and assessments; however, we receive compensation when you click on links to products from our partners and get approved. If you’ve been looking for love without much luck, maybe you’re looking in all the wrong places — and not in the three best cities: Boston, Washington, D. As home to the unmarried, the young and the educated, these cities on the East Coast topped Nerd Wallet’s third annual “Best Cities for Singles” list. Boston tops our list of the best cities for singles for the second year.

But don’t buy a one-way ticket to our top pick, Boston, just yet — we found plenty of other places around the nation that offer the right combination of supply and social opportunities for singles. The city has an entertainment scene — from museums and theaters to sports — with something for every interest for the high percentage of singles who live here.

And sure, this city has many uber chic bars, but it’s also home to the back-in-time Tonga Room, which says is a fabulous place for a second date.

With the highest proportion of unmarried people on our list, Detroit has plenty of fish in the sea, but fewer restaurants and entertainment and arts venues.

Unfortunately, due to a lack of specific data, our list isn’t able to break out information for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered singles. 3 — Number of dollars needed for a nice date in New York City.