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And when your ex is a Victoria's Secret model, it can be even more intimidating.

Luckily for Katy Perry, Bloom's ex-wife and mother to his son, Miranda Kerr, is "happy" for her ex-husband, E! She describes Perry as "a really cool woman and talented singer," saying that Kerr has "not had an opportunity to spend time with Katy," but that "[Perry] seems to be really good with Flynn and that is important to her.

In 2008 Kerr told People magazine that the Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean star was "a sweetheart and that's all I'm gonna say".

The pair were believed to have broken up briefly in 2008, but reconciled after Bloom flew to Sydney to meet Kerr's parents.

At this year's Golden Globes, "Katy stopped to say hi to Jonah, Gaby and Carrie," an observer shared with , "and Orlando joined her by her side.

At one point, while she was chatting with everyone, she put her arm around Orlando and adoringly put her hand on the back of his head. It's obvious that the singer and actor duo weren't afraid of a little makeout sesh during an outdoor lunch on May 17 (head over to E! The two were nuzzling and kissing, all smiles — and Perry looked pretty happy to be there.

April 2014: Romance rumors fly after the paps catch Bloom and Gomez sitting on a curb outside a Chelsea Handler show in L. This is also around the time that rumors of Bieber and Gomez's breakup surface. Or he was, up until very recently; it's not clear if they're still together.

July 2014: Bloom and Bieber get in a fistfight at a nightclub in Ibiza, Spain. And while accusations that Bloom cheated on Perry are flying left and right, we don't know his relationship status or if the woman in the photos is, without a doubt, Gomez.

Luckily for the British actor, that's not the case. "With Her." The couple was spotted together at a Hillary Clinton rally in NYC.

Bloom was there supporting Perry, who was performing during the event.

When the news came out that Bloom and Selena Gomez were getting hot and heavy in Las Vegas, it seems that the 31-year-old singer was pretty unfazed.

A source shared with , "Orlando is not one to stir drama and he has and continues to have an incredibly soothing effect on Katy.

She has no anger towards Orlando for dating Katy; Orlando and Kerr communicate well about their son's well-being." As for Russell Brand, he's been pretty mum on the subject of Perry's new main squeeze, and given John Mayer's extensive dating history, we can't imagine that he'd mind! They go on lavish vacations together."Orlando and Katy are pretty tight and seem to be getting serious as more time is spent with each other," a source told E! "They travel really well together." Most recently, the lovebirds were seen locking lips on a yacht in Cannes, and before their French escapades, they were enjoying a tropical vacay in Hawaii — complete with a hiking date, according to E!