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Through the proper utilization of our tools, many labor-intensive deployment services are being automated thereby increasing DSI’s effective yield.

And DSI is prepared to deliver these services across America on time and within budget.

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Golfing season is here and players are always looking for that extra edge to improve their game.

The greater the swing, the greater the force of the stroke.

With the vast majority of us spending hours slouched in front of our laptops, over our blackberries and behind the wheel driving, the incidence of this condition has increased dramatically over the past 10 years.

When the weight of the head is not balanced right over the neck and shoulders, but comes forward, gravity exerts a daily pressure pulling the head further and further downward.

DSI has created our Internetworking and Computing Deployment Solutions to provide the highest levels of service to our corporate customers as well as VARs, Systems Integrators and OEM accounts.

DSI has focused its delivery model to leverage its people, processes, and tools to provide unmatched levels of service and support while reducing overall delivery costs and error rates.

Over time, assuming and holding a healthy upright position becomes very difficult.

As a golfer with forward head posture attempts to get into an optimal golf stance, he/she may attempt to pull back the shoulders and head, but find it virtually impossible to fully straighten up.

The rounding of the shoulders and the head coming forward of the center of gravity shifts the body’s balance.