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An Argos operative, posing as a 14-year-old girl, was asked to meet the offender in Brisbane so he could photograph her nude and have sex with her.

During the online conversations the offender claimed to have some 66,000 images of child exploitation.

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Thousands of people have rallied in Brisbane for same-sex marriage, with several streets in the city blocked off for the event at Queens Gardens in the CBD.Queensland unions, entertainer Dolly Diamond, and Dykes on Bikes were some of those who addressed to the crowd. Interested in genuine friendship/relationship only. Message me if you'd like to skype or something to get to know each other~ Anime, Video games, Sport, League of Legends Volleyball, Soccer ... NZRed48, Brisbane, QLD..to 😊 NB: Not on here for ' Discrete Chats' or 'hook ups' or Skype or kik 'fun' so please don't contact me. Lycan23, Adelaide, SA..close to the Craigmore area.Task Force Argos formed an alliance with the Federal Bureau of Investigation in a lengthy covert operation that smashed a sophisticated international network of online offenders responsible distributing and creating on-demand graphic, child exploitation material.

Operation Achilles began in January 2006 and closed in February 2008, with the execution of warrants and arrest of offenders in Australia, the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom.I love going to the movies and pretty happy to see most things (except horror). Fav TV shows include things like The Fall and Shameless but I will return time and again to shows like Seinfeld and Sex City. Police are searching for a dangerous sex offender who removed his electronic monitoring strap.The High Court upheld the legal validity of the non-binding postal survey last week, with a vote result expected in mid-November.Australian households will begin receiving postal surveys this week.As protector of the goddess, Argos was great and strong: sleep never fell upon his eyes, and he kept sure watch always.