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Just going by the way you photobombed U2 with that impressive leap at last year's Oscars, you seem to enjoy these events. It's so richly comic and deeply upsetting at the same time." And she went [Cumberbatch does a dead-on Streep impersonation], "I don't really have a singular approach. But also, being devoted to that person takes you away from yourself. Not that that's a reason to be in a relationship, but it's a very healthy byproduct of it when you're doing such an obsessional job as acting can be. [Cumberbatch breaks into a Cowell impersonation] "One hundred and fifty percent! I get very nerdy every time he does that on "The X Factor." He's brilliant and I completely endorse every thing he does ... You once said your greatest regret was not being a dad by the age of 32. When I was growing up, I had a weird obsession with 32 being the mark of adulthood and that was part of what I thought that might mean, naively.

I wouldn't be able to do half the things I've done if I had one way of working. Paul Thomas Anderson recently said that having kids helps too.

Sometimes it's outside in, sometimes it's inside out." And I thought, "Oh god. "What about practical advice for negotiating Hollywood? "Always take Fountain." Wasn't it Bette Davis who said that? With them, you realize you've already done your best work, so it frees you to be a little looser with your day job.

I need to store up the sun now, otherwise I'll get rickets by the time I step off the plane."Cumberbatch has landed in Palm Springs along with the rest of the cast of "The Imitation Game" to accept an ensemble award at the Palm Springs International Film Festival. That's why I've enjoyed the acting roundtables I've done in this roar. Everyone ignored the movie stars and went straight for Bono. Well, unless they're selling tickets for Hamlet faster than a Beyonce and Jay Z tour. The whole structure of the film is about showing a man who had a life that wasn't allowed.

The movie, a look at the life of Alan Turing, the Cambridge genius who led the team that cracked the Enigma code that Nazi Germany used to encrypt its radio transmissions during World War II, premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in September and recently won eight Oscar nominations, including nods for best picture and for Cumberbatch's lead turn. You get to have a free-flowing conversation about acting stuff. And I say "drunk," but I had a little slurp of a tiny miniature. A friend of mine did literally say, "Get a photo of U2 if you can." Not with them. And I thought, "I don't have my camera phone and I'm not going to ask for a selfie with U2."You showed some impressive height on that leap. [Cumberbatch's upcoming, summer 12-week "Hamlet" run in London sold out instantly.] But, by and large, yes. So, what, you need to prove that he was gay by seeing him be with a man? At one moment, it's war-espionage thriller, the next moment a tragic story of a man wronged by an intolerant society, the next moment a celebration of someone who's different.

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