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Vizag (Visakapatanam) - East Point in Andhra Pradesh is an exposed point break that only works once in a while. Compare Vizag (Visakapatanam) - East Point with another surf break.

Works best in offshore winds from the west northwest. This is the Surf-Forecast page for Vizag (Visakapatanam) - East Point, Andhra Pradesh.

What to watch for: Year-round: California sea lions, Western Gulls, beautiful island landscapes December–February: breeding elephant seal colonies March–August: breeding seabirds September–November: transient wildlife like migratory birds, whales, and great white sharks Seabirds The Farallon Islands are remote and weather there is extremely unpredictable, with varying windy, wet, and salty conditions.If you notice anything that doesn’t seem quite right with the webcam, please let us know by sending an email to [email protected]’s great for checking the current weather, snow conditions, traffic, and watching special events.YOU can control what to see on our Telluride webcam!I've travelled extensively in Greece and the Islands and there's nowhere like Lesvos.

Small enough you can travel round it but large enough to have an amazing variety of landscapes with so much to do.I've never understood why Lesvos hasn't been more popular it is an amazing destination. Mythimna or Molyvos is a large traditional village, located in northern northwest coast of the island, 62 km. Molyvos is one of the most tourist areas of the island and is characterized by its natural beauty and its picturesque architecture.Not sure if it's a new camera or if you've just cleaned the lense, But it is 100% claerer. I took an old tablet, installed google chrome and now cast the webcam 24/7 fullscreen to my google chromecast/41" flatscreen tv. The houses with their traditional architecture made of stone and wood and painted with bright colors, combined with the impressive Byzantine castle that dominates the area, create a picturesque and romantic environment.I am loving watching the webcam in the harbour but where is everyone.I'd really recommend webcams in the other main tourist resorts (good quality and live like this one not a refresh every 10 minutes like some) , there's nothing like them to whet your appetite and make you want to return.Members of Molyvos Tourism Agency can be persons over 18 years, professionals in the tourism industry of the island of Lesvos, but also people regardless profession who believe that they can contribute to the achievement of the Agency's objectives.