Leon lai shu qi dating

Leon Lai, MH (黎明; pinyin: Lí Míng; Cantonese: lai4 ming4; born December 11, 1966) is a Chinese actor and a Cantopop singer.Biography Born in Beijing, China as Lai Chit (黎捷), Leon was the only child in his family. During his youth, he attended King's Way Princeton College (England).The pair had been in the European country where he is directing her in The Adventurers, a treasure hunt movie also starring Jean Reno and Andy Lau, when they issued a statement saying they had married after being friends for 20 years and dating for four. I was there, but didn't know about it." It was a simple do with little in terms of wedding decor, Apple said.

Leon has been associated with many female celebrities since he began his career.One of his most famous rumoured ex-girlfriends is Shu Qi.They released photos of their bridal shoot in Prague in the Czech Republic. He said the pair went about it casually, shooting as they walked and stopping at simple houses to pose.The Taiwanese star would not name the guests or reveal the wedding date, but Apple said her mother flew to the Czech Republic and cried at the ceremony. When informed about the marriage, co-star Lau said: "It was so secretive.Fung dated singer Karen Mok for nine years before she announced their split in 2007. Shu Qi hinted at a reunion with Fung in June when she posted a wefie with him on social media.

Taiwanese actress Shu Qi has finally announced her marriage to Hong Kong actor Stephen Fung.It was the world's first." She denied a report that said they married at a castle, reportedly the Bouzov Castle in the Czech Republic, a favourite spot for wedding couples.She and Fung were first linked when they worked on the 1997 film, Bishonen.Another dress and clothes worn by Fung, 42, were picked two days before the bridal shoot from a roadside outlet.The only expensive item on display must have been Fung's gift to her of a three-carat platinum diamond ring, worth NT million (S0,000), from Bulgari, said Apple.However he didn't get to release any album for four years .