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That form was entitled ‘Proof of Loss/Receipt and Release ‘ (see You Are The Enemy number 3, page 2, on the Considerations page at for an example).

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If it has been a year or two since your claim was supposedly ‘closed’, just fax a letter to the adjuster or claims department saying you want the claim ‘reopened.’ Allow them a couple of weeks to retrieve their file or to assign it to a new adjuster. In California, it is from the time they either: Most policies will say you have one year from the date of the loss. Fortunately, most insurers allow their adjusters to know this law and you will have no problem getting your claim reopened. ‘Proof of Loss’ form – A Proof of Loss is required by your policy. Adjusters will attempt to make you believe that it is.They will say, ‘You can’t reopen your claim because you signed a Proof of Loss.’ The main purpose of a Proof of Loss form is to give the insurer an opportunity to void your policy and thereby deny your claim if you intentionally lie or give false information on the form.However, at least one major insurer – CSAA (AAA of Northern California) – has used trickery to make their policyholders with a total loss auto claim believe they signed one.They put a release form on the same piece of paper as a Proof of Loss form that had only one signature for the entire page.At you will find 28 e Books for your particular claim issue.

View the most popular UClaim e Book entitled “HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE CLAIMS ADVICE AND HELP – ALL ASPECTS – HOW TO PLAY THE GAME – DELUXE VERSION (W/APPENDIX)“ Both. Let them both send out their vehicle damage appraisers. They will both check to see if the other has already made payment.

are answered by contributor Ron Cercone of, a do-it-yourself insurance claim e Book website.

Ron is a semi retired licensed public adjuster representing policy holders (not insurers).

Although most property policies say you only have one year to file a lawsuit, the policy is overridden by local, state and federal law.

Insurance adjusters will usually advise you in a letter that accompanies their ‘final’ payment that if you don’t like the settlement, you have one year to bring a lawsuit. The average property adjuster is kept ignorant of much insurance law that benefits the policyholder and overrides the insurance policy.

As far as our contributors are concerned, it’s a worthless piece of paper.