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Here below are just a few tips to become less of a loner in the most beautiful city on earth. You can easily make coffee at home in the morning but push yourself to go out to one cafe on a regular basis.

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But I’m about to be rather frank about the one thing no one wants to admit about living in Italy. the thing is…” At this point the woman seemed to lower her voice as though sharing something blasphemous or at least highly disrespectful.

It’s not cool, it’s not poetic and yet it happens to almost everyone who makes the leap to live here full time. ” “I just wanted to say that I am so inspired and I completely agree with everything you said. “…I found it really, really hard to make friends.” She said the words. I grabbed her hand instinctively and cried, “Oh don’t worry! ” It was as though we’d both just admitted to owning vibrators in a public space.

Of course, all that changed over time and after sticking it out I found myself so inundated with exciting invitations that I was sleeping an average of two hours a night just to keep up with all the ‘appuntamenti’, ‘feste’, ‘serate’ and ‘aperitivi’.

It’s east to talk about how you’ve run away to live in Rome, however, it seems no one wants to admit just what an art it is to make real friends as a foreigner in this country when you first arrive.

There’s something so secretly triumphant about the first time you get an Italian barista making your preferred coffee and dishing out your favourite cornetto as soon as you walk through the door without you saying a word. You can make some great like-minded friends in expats because we’re all dreaming nomads but also make an effort to go out with Italians and you will understand this country on a whole other level. Aperitivo is the most beloved time for socialising in Italy.

Those hours between coming out of the office and heading out to dinner are buzzing with Italians and expats who crave conversation with new friends.

Things are so exciting this month I can hardly sleep at night.

Just yesterday I signed two deals for TV shows set in Italy that I filmed, edited and hosted myself.

But I really came to love getting up early, grabbing my bike and a quick espresso and heading to a pilates class on a Saturday morning where you instantly bond with other early risers.

In the evenings, I would head to boxing classes and meet a whole different group.

On my bad days, however, on days when I was coming home in the bone-chilling dark from a tedious 9euro/hour job, in relentless rain, laden with those stupid flimsy shopping bags that would split open as I hobbled across the square spilling all my groceries…