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With Romney's defeat, the GOP also faces the reality that none of its presidential nominees since 1988 has exceeded 50.8 percent of the popular vote or 286 Electoral College votes.

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On the other hand, Obama became the first elected president since Andrew Jackson to win a second full term with a smaller share of the popular vote than he took in his first victory.

And he faced a resounding repudiation among whites.

But in the upper Midwest, where there are not enough of those voters to win, Obama attracted just enough working-class whites to hold the critical battlegrounds of Wisconsin, Iowa, and above all Ohio against Mitt Romney's forceful challenge.

Navigating those two tightropes, Obama held enough states to win a comfortable margin in the Electoral College, despite the headwind of the frustratingly slow economic recovery.

But the message for Republicans was much more stark.

By winning nearly three-fifths of whites, Romney matched the best performance among white voters ever for a Republican challenger--and yet he lost decisively in the Electoral College.

In the key Midwestern battlegrounds with much smaller minority populations, the president engineered a different formula for victory.

In those states, Obama exceeded his national performance among white voters by just enough to repel Romney's challenge.

From 1988 to 2015, 5,228 single family homes were built in O’Fallon, according to Shekell.

O’Fallon is a sought-after location in the region, and consistently ranks as one of the fastest-growing cities in the metro-east.

The president captured an overwhelming 80 percent of those voters, including not only more than nine in 10 African-Americans, but also about seven in 10 Hispanics, and about three in four Asians.