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In the unlikely event that the child’s thankful for your sacrifice, it’ll be in that tacky and bloodless way that children are ever “thankful” for anything.It’s the nature of children to take adults for granted, and they’re not the ones who put themselves into the situation in the first place, after all.

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This article isn’t about authentic pedophiles or deliberate predators, who should all be rounded up and shot, of course.

This is an article for sexually and morally healthy men who are at more risk than they may realize of themselves becoming “pedophiles,” “predators,” “child molesters,” and perpetrators of “incest.” Pause for a moment to consider that your wife is not getting any more attractive.

More surprisingly, your American wife will be less thankful than the children, as she’ll be fully convinced that your (real or feigned) adoration of the children is a reward commensurate with the sacrifice.

Not having the same biological wiring, women simply aren’t inclined to care that much about their own maternity interests and are generally more eager to outright adopt than men are.

Invest it in Laura Kezman, a filmmaker and eating disorders survivor, and her team to help them finish her important documentary, Just Eat.

You’ll throw away your best years and a startling share of your time, energy, and wealth in raising up some other guy’s cuckoo’s egg.An aging, wrinkly, resentful, and frigid wife would perhaps be struggling to maintain his sexual interest if she cared, though she typically doesn’t.Her pair bonding instincts were all spent years before you even showed up, and the brief resurgence of sexuality and vitality which appeared when you were first courting has dried up (literally).Between that biological disinclination, her inculcation of the cultural mores against valuing biological parenthood, and her simple selfish lack of concern for her partner’s interest, she’s liable to get offended by the mere prospect that you should be thanked at Perhaps you’re not concerned about siring your own offspring, and you’re not creeped out by that derisive smirk on the biological father’s face when he picks the kids up for visitation.That’s your prerogative, but if there’s a stepdaughter among the litter, you may be in for much more than you bargained for.Ain’t it odd how only the man’s end of the marital quid pro quo is mandatory?