Gnome weather applet not updating

Install it with the following commands: Launch the indicator from the Dash after installing it.

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Install it with the following commands: Launch Classic Menu Indicator from the Dash after installing it.The recent notifications indicator provides a list of recent notifications that Ubuntu has shown to you – anything that came through the notification daemon appears here. The touchpad indicator allows you to easily disable and enable your laptop’s touchpad — right from the panel. I checked to make sure using a different location than my small town by using a major city. So I went to source/xfce4-weather-plugin/ bug/1380128and saw I was not the only one. I started to suspect if was my firewall I guess thats not the case now.I downloaded is the for Utopic Ubuntu which is 0.8.3-2 xfce4-weather-plugin I had previously removed weather plugin from my xfce taskbar. I am a on the edge type of linux user and I am not afeared of breaking my installs. If you use Ubuntu One, you might want an indicator applet that shows you Ubuntu One’s status – including your current file transfers and available space – without having to open Ubuntu One’s configuration window.

The unofficial Ubuntu One indicator provides this information.

Launch this indicator from the Dash after installation.

The CPU frequency scaling indicator shows you the current speed of your CPU and lets you control its policy – for example, you can force a certain CPU speed, enable power-saving mode, or enable high-performance mode.

You are recommended to upgrade through 16.10 first and then to 17.04, or to-do a fresh install.

If you’ve used Ubuntu a while, you might remember GNOME applets – icons that sat on your panel and gave you access to controls and information.

For example, this may be useful if you’re watching videos in an application that doesn’t automatically inhibit Ubuntu’s sleep behavior.