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“Now that this decision has been made, it is vital that the change is implemented as soon as possible, so that women seeking abortion are clear on their options.

A Holyrood spokesperson said the Scottish government “believes that a woman from Northern Ireland, in Scotland, should be able to access an abortion for free on the same basis as women in Scotland and we will set out shortly how that can be achieved.“ ”The Scottish Government's view is that abortion should be part of standard healthcare for all women, and available free from stigma,” they said.

Scotland was granted new devolved powers over abortion as part of the 2016 Scotland Act.

Responding to a suggestion from former Channel 5 chief executive David Elstein that the BBC should introduce a subscription model for its services, the Corporation rejects the idea, saying it would exclude those who couldn't afford to pay for it.

Speaking on an edition of BBC One's The Andrew Marr Show, Prime Minister David Cameron declines an invitation from Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond to take part in a televised debate on Scottish independence ahead of September's referendum on the issue.

One of the Northern Irish party's MPs, Ian Paisley Jr, said the DUP will not compromise on its anti-abortion views as part of the deal.

Mr Paisley said "the rights of the unborn child trump any political agreement that has been put in place" as he issued a warning to any MPs who try to raise the issue in the House of Commons.

The Advertising Standards Authority bans two commercials for logbook loans company Loans2Go that feature a man dressed as an Austrian singing a jingle to the tune of "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow", deeming it an inappropriate way to sell expensive loans.

Conservative MP Penny Mordaunt is confirmed as one of the contestants in the upcoming series of ITV's high-diving reality show, Splash! Reports describe her party as being "relaxed" about her participation in the show, with the politician set to donate her appearance fee to charity.

50th anniversary of the first edition of Top of the Pops.

Although an edition was aired on New Year's Eve 2013, the anniversary itself goes unmarked by the BBC because of the programme's association with the late Jimmy Savile.

As soap's first transgender character, Hayley was a regular in the series for several years, and helped to change public attitudes towards transgender issues.