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In a similar vein, teen internet users from higher income families are more likely to video chat than lower income teens.

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Sriram joined UNHCR in 2003, working as a national staff member for almost 6 years in his home country, Sri Lanka.

He then spent a further two years in Afghanistan before starting his current post as field protection officer in Aweil, South Sudan, last April.Youth from higher income and higher education families are more likely to video chat than youth from lower income and education households.Online teens from families with the lowest levels of parental education – where a parent has not received a high school diploma – are much less likely than others to video chat with just 14% of teens in those families video chatting, compared with 40% of teens with parents with higher levels of education.The differences by age are not statistically significant.White youth are more likely to video chat than Latino youth.“When I arrived in Aweil we had no accommodation,” recalls Sriram.