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As I said, we all tend to use the same username (and the same password) for every online account. It is one less thing to think about, if everything is the same everywhere.

This ensures that if any of your contacts also use the app, you will find out about it, and perhaps add them to your app contact list.

But what if you have someone in your contact list, who you previously communicated with, and was perfectly OK, but now they have discovered you are on Kik, they turn into a nuisance?

The only solution is to delete the app and start from the beginning again.

There is never a perfect solution to any problem, but in the case of Kik, there are a few things you can do, which can, at the very least, minimize or stop the chances of anything happening.

Plus, you are pretty much broadcasting your username out to the synced contacts, which is golden rule numero uno, that you shouldn’t do.

So let’s figure out how you can block people, and in the process, stop your phone from beeping with new messages from unwanted admirers. Mark O'Neill is a freelance journalist and bibliophile, who has been getting stuff published since 1989.was first introduced, thinking it was some kind of black magic.But now we have various other forms of communication, including texting apps which send those texts via the user’s Internet data plan.But they pretty much just take two words out of a dictionary and put them together, whether they make sense or not. Kik recommends that you use a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters.There are many websites (most of which are too pornographic to link here) where Kik users want strangers to “Kik Me”.So, many kids have no idea that it is even possible to do.