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” Use Personal Details: One thing that can be used as a great conversation starter is when you know something personal about her.

Keep your messages brief, what kind of girl would like to go for the guy who fills her entire inbox before she even gets a chance to look at the first message. Your messages need to make her curious but shouldn’t overwhelm her.Try to keep you text short and keep the conversation going.The time when the long hand written romantic love letter are over this is the era of texting and you need to snap out of that era even though it seems really romantic but in today’s world no one has the time to read that long letter.Instead you need to write something that will catch her attention immediately but nothing too long or desperate type.Your goal here is to get her to focus on you when she is texting.

And in order to achieve that goal you need to keep the conversation open with continuous back and forth flow.Compel her to respond: Remember whenever you send her messages it should contain some thing that may compel her to respond. Do you know that bakery name at the corner of 7th and Lexington Street?I mean give her some room to respond by asking for her opinion or asking a question to keep the conversation going. ” You see, now there is room for her to respond and perhaps ask a question of her own.You should try to mirror her, I mean, text exactly the way she texts.For an example if she sends you 2-3 word text then you may reply in the same manner and don’t go for the long text.And lastly don’t make any spelling or grammatical mistake when texting. Because having a nice text conversation will get you nowhere but back to texting again.