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This fake chat generator app for android has a very attractive user friendly interface that allows you to easily make fake messages.

You can set the time for your predefined incoming messages. This fake chat generator app also enables you to create fake chat groups, get fake alerts and set fake connection status like online or typing etc.

Nobody can guess that you yourself are the sender and receiver because this app lets you to put fake mirror photo and emoticons on your conversations.You can edit the chats, create fake voice messages, show fake typing statuses and much more to make fun.Simulate and pretend to have fake chats and prank chars with created messages. Create and pretend fake chats with your friends, even with your girlfriend or boyfriend! - You can create screenshots identical to the chat app and your friends might not tell the difference. - You can change messages' status as “seen", “received" and "sent".Your boss will now believe you missed work because you were sick! I love using this app to create fake conversations and screenshots for my fiction pieces, it isn't very glitchy and looks realistic! The ability to add multiple fake people in the conversation.This is a very easy to use and simple android app to make fake profiles and fake calls across all media networks.

You can make fake group chats with realistic effects and customizable options such as change the background, date, time and other elements.Start using our Create fake twitter messages and prank your friends.You can even imitate celebrities to chat with you to fool your friends.Françoise Hollande (France): [To Obama] You eavesdrop on me every day. David Cameron (UK): I discreetly approve of the above. Mamnoon Hussain (Pakistan): China’s our big bro, I have to go. Thein Sein (Myanmar): [To Abe] Do you pay me more than China does? Then I won’t be sending you any more Japanese porn.Get a fake virtual number and start sending and receiving text messages. The fake phone number you get is a virtual SIM and you can text without any phone or mobile.:) Whats Prank :)In a simple and easy way, you can create fake chats identical to the ones from the most used chat app at the moment. That's the only thing keeping me from giving it 5 stars! But I realise, image and video size are small compare to the real one. The new whatsapp, when people sent photo to us, image clearly big.