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(The second half of this article will explain why) Because the lookup method is actually a combination of two different formulas, the syntax for writing an Index Match can initially be difficult to remember.However, after frequent use, it’s really not a difficult formula to memorize; I currently use Index Match almost exclusively for all of my lookups.Click here for a tutorial on OFFSET MATCH MATCH – Adding an additional Match formula to the basic Index Match formula enhances it so that you can perform a matrix lookup.

The syntaxes of Vlookup and Hlookup are essentially the same; the difference is that with Hlookup you must reference horizontal ranges.Click here for a tutorial on HLOOKUP – Index Match is the best way to perform a simple vertical lookup.why it's correctly true in some, and false in others is still a mystery., Excel 2013 seems to randomly recognize the formula as an array formula, and sometimes not.I'm not sure what (ctrl-shift-enter) does or where to use it.

One of the most common tasks in Excel is the process of looking up specific values within a data set.Click here for a tutorial on INDEX MATCH – By combining the Vlookup and Match functions of Excel, the originally static column reference within the Vlookup formula becomes dynamic; now whenever you insert a column into your data set, your column reference will update so that you still have the same return value.Click here for a tutorial on VLOOKUP MATCH – When you combine Excel’s basic vertical and horizontal lookup formulas, you end up with a matrix lookup.– Vlookup is the oldest and most often used lookup formula in Excel.The first time you write a Vlookup formula is a milestone in your Excel learning.Any of the cells that did not magically convert to an array formula, when changed to array, will update with correct values.