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As celebrates the best choruses of the 21st century, we sat down with O-Town (Trevor Penick, Jacob Underwood, Dan Miller and Erik-Michael Estrada) to discuss the history of "All or Nothing," and what made its chorus so memorable. Penick: That song probably means more to us now than when it was No.

1, just because of the way it makes us feel and makes the fans feel when we perform it live. At the end, when everyone’s belting the chorus out, it’s the best moment of the show.

He and his loving ex wife Peggy Rowe welcomed their first child together that year and that time it was a son and they named him Anthony Eric Estrada.

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TV Guide's Network's TV 25 Sexiest Men in Uniform, Erik Estrada is an actor and voice artist from United States. On 25th of November 1979, Erik got married to Joyce Miller.He is popular for starring the lead role in the police drama television series CHi Ps in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Multi talented, Erik Estrada was born as Henry Enrique Estrada in East Harlem, New York City, New York, United States of America in the late 1940s. This was his first knot in the married life but this married life was not forever as they called off this married life within a year. On 19th of August 1985, Erik got married for the second time in his life with Peggy Rowe.And when somebody writes the song, you’re like, “How have we not written that before? ” To us, at least, it was an instant classic because it worded everything so perfectly -- the music matched the emotion.What’s funny is that some people just listen to “All or Nothing,” just the [chorus], and we have people coming up saying it’s their wedding song and we’re like, “You know it’s about a breakup, right?At one point I even asked the checkout guy, “Hey, would you believe me if I said this is me singing this song? Estrada: We know that there’s going to be someone who’s like “Why is that there?

” But to be on a list of the best hooks of the 21st century... As Quincy Jones said it, “There’s nothing more important to a song than the melody.” And the melody of the hook is the most important part of that.

He got his rise in dame in the late 1970s after he began starring in an American television drama series CHi Ps. This was his first knot in the married life but this married life was not forever as they called off this married life within a year. Edit In 1980, he got his first nomination in Golden Apple Awards and he was also honored with this award that year.

He has also once been nominated in Golden Globes, USA for Best Actor in a Television Series - Drama.

Underwood: When the words can marry the melody as perfect as they do in that song, it’s a special thing.

Is there another O-Town song you would’ve put on this list instead of "All or Nothing"? Underwood: I don’t know guys, “Liquid Dreams” is pretty deep.

Their biggest hit to date, a power ballad that peaked at No. 1 on the Mainstream Top 40 chart, is now one of the most iconic modern boy band singles.