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Privacy, darling Every once in a while, we all need a space of our own – a place to hide away and watch Netflix for days on end.

Oh, and that’s not even mentioning the paper thin walls 😉 4.

Out of curiosity, do you think there is a certain kind of social environment that's necessary for an American woman to come in contact with a (single, unmarried) Frenchman who happens to be in America?

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Carolyn I am an American girl and I have dated my share of Frenchmen.

I love Frenchmen, but I think it all started out with them loving me. They seem to all possess a silver tongue and flirtation is like a second language to them.

But a word of warning: A non-Frenchman reading the book might feel (sexually) inferior to these dashing princes of Gallic charm that are mentioned as the husbands, and me, I felt envious of the physical endowments of the women mentioned who were lucky enough to get these French husbands.

They are described as being like something out of a beauty pageant.

After months and months of hunting every inch of London for the perfect place, you arrive in your new flat only to discover the stranger behind that quirky room ad is HOT. The temptation is obvious – guilt free, on tap lovin’ right on your doorstep. ) The honeymoon period is over and you’re having your first lovers’ tiff, in full display of your terrified housemates. Or do they just scurry away into their rooms and avoid eye contact with both of you for weeks? After a couple of weeks, literally NOTHING will be left to the imagination. Until one of you starts leaving the dishes in the sink, or not replacing the milk.

But before you get naked and jump on in this Valentine’s Day, Splittable, creators of a free app for housemates and certified experts on the trials and tribulations of flatsharing, are about to tell you why dating your housemate is ALWAYS a bad idea. PDA It stands for Public Display of Affection and it makes everyone else in the house gag. And let’s not not even mention the shared bathroom (ew). Let’s play the (un)happily married couple It’s great living together right? Suddenly you’ve aged 20 years overnight and your weekends are now all about finishing your list of chores so you can escape the endless nagging. ) Imagine the two of you breaking up but still having to live under the same roof. Was you knowing the language a factor in what got your boyfriend interested?I hope this isn't too personal of a question but has your boyfriend attributed your American-ness to what he finds attractive about you? ’ question, but that’s as far away as it’s going to get. Okay, you still have the dilemma of the ‘your room or my room or the kitchen table?Does anyone have insight or experience in dating the French?