Delicious rss feed not updating Free meet up and fuck no credit card

But in the center column, titled “Seeds of Inspiration,” you’ll see a bunch of short posts, which are essentially links to stuff we found interesting elsewhere on the web.If you click one of the links it will take you to that site.

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To publish our feeds to our Wordpress blog, we use Charles Johnson’s Feed Word Press plugin to syndicate (again, just enter your Delicious RSS feed and select the keyword(s) and category(ies) you want news feed items to post to) and Justin Tadlock’s Query Posts widget to show these specific posts in the sidebar. Now you have bite-sized fresh content coming into your blog and social media accounts for doing what you normally do when procrastinating writing that next long blog post – surfing the web.Busy life circumstances than the current world history.I do like to research, write, and share fun, humorous and informative ideas with friends.Ages ago, I wrote a column for a small town newspaper, with unexpected positive feedback.If you want more or less resources, you simply change the number 10 to whatever number you want in your feed.

If you want to track a different tag, simply replace the word moodle with whatever tag you want to follow.

What I like to do is pull an RSS feed into a site I already check everyday (actually multiple times a day) – my Netvibes page, which is my personal dashboard.

Here is what the Moodle example above looks like on my Netvibes Moodle tab: The widget is in the top left corner of my Moodle tab, which is in context with all the other Moodle resources I am tracking on the web.

That way you don’t overwhelm your followers with tons of posts.

also tracks how many clicks you get on each service.

Now to publish this feed to your Twitter or Facebook account, we need a syndication service.