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Actor Anil Kapoor’s son was recently linked with Saif Ali Khan’s daughter Sara Ali Khan, however, neither of the two have confirmed anything.

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The two singers apparently had to meet in secret from the public just to get to know each other.

After months of being together and discovering they click, the two have announced to the public that they are dating.

And he even drops down to the floor to give Tom 30 press-ups, which we think is a pretty strong indicator of his feelings."Wow, you're like a machine," Tom gasps.

"Look at your pectoral swell."Admittedly we don't think we've ever heard someone's "pectoral swell" be praised before but perhaps we just haven't been in the presence of genuine true love.

“Well, I am seeing someone but we keep the relationship very private.

Though he himself is not from the [Bollywood] industry, his family is connected to the industry,” she reveals.

Ever since, rumour mills have been abuzz that the two might be dating. [Also] Whenever two celebrities are seen together, people like to cook up stories and wonder if they are dating or not. “He’s a very sweet and genuine guy, which I think many people don’t get the chance to see. We’ve had dinners several times and we hang out a lot. Outfit and shoes @adidas @adidasoriginals @adidaswomen #model #bollywood #modelgram #running #morning #dog #simple #nomakeup #morningwalk #dogsofinsta #london #bollywoodactress #actress #bollywoodstar #morninginlondon #fit #fitness #love #pet #animals #animalsofinstagram A post shared by Elena Fernandes (@elenarmf) on Talking about their meeting in London, Elena says, it was just two friends catching up and nothing more.

When we contacted Elena, she rubbished the rumours, saying, “No, I am not dating Harsh. It’s great having another person from the industry that you can talk to about stuff.” A dog is the perfect portrait subject. “London is home, it’s where my family is and where I grew up.

This is why it is not a shock to find that celebrities love to date each other.

Two people who are both in the spotlight can find comfort in each other’s arms knowing they have many similar experiences in common.

Being in love and dating can help the world seem like a much better place.