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And when the one vamp who was supposed to be on my side told me I couldn't go, that was never going to fly with me.

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Watch Now Joe is pleased to learn that the ticket he donated to the children's hospital's charity event brought in a staggering 10,000 dollars.

But his mood soon turns sour when a misprint on the ticket (thanks to Brian) forces him to fly crabby old Carlton Blanchard on a cross-country trip for a reunion with his brother.

"When is daddy coming back" she asked "Idk bbygirl" i said sadly Zay hasnt spent time with Malaysia since we broke up.

"Yes, let me put my shoes on" i told her I put on my slides and grabbed a jacket and we left.

When the exam suggest she should pursue a career in Music or Food Service, they decide to change it, to Law or Stand Up Comedian.

To everyone's surprise, the least likely of the two chooses is the one she picks; Comedian.

Meanwhile, Antonio leaves for a trip to his hime country of Italy and no one cares.

Watch Now After her short-lived career in real estate ends in disgrace, the gang convince Helen to take a job placement exam.

But suddenly those disappear and soon they are on there way to Boston.

But then yet another hurdle presents itself,as one of the planes engines on Joe's Twin engine Cessna dies.

But he's fired after a robbery and it's back to flying.