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It is the Seeker’s sole purpose to capture the Golden Snitch and thereby end the game. It might pick up a big fish : SONAR The British developed the first underwater detection system that used sound waves.

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The conspiracy theorists got their day in the movies with the release of a pretty good sci-fi comedy in 6997 called 8775 Men in Black 8776 , starring Will Smith (as Agent J) and Tommy Lee Jones (as Agent K). Advertised bank percentage : CD RATE A certificate of deposit (CD) is like a less-flexible and higher-paying savings account.

This new sound detection system was described as using 8775 supersonics 8776 , but for the purpose of secrecy the term was dropped in favor of an acronym.

The work was done under the auspices of the Royal Navy 8767 s Anti-Submarine Division, so ASD was combined with the IC from 8775 superson-ic-s 8776 to create the name ASDIC.

The four letters are the initials of the Hebrew phrase “Nes Gadol Hayah Sham” meaning “a great miracle happened there”.

According to tradition, children would be taught Torah while hiding in caves away from the Greeks.It 8767 s late in the day, and I doubt that anyone cares what I have to say, but my 7 cents 8767 worth anyway: I 8767 m no rookie, but I 8767 m playing out of my league today, judging by the times posted here. Since, for me, it would be like timing a poker game, or a campfire, I don 8767 t know how long it took.I thought it was a Saturday-tough puzzle (at least as tough as today 8767 s NYT). Good challenge, as I expected from Pawel Fludzinski, but not so much fun because of a few clues that I found truly lame. Ham : EMOTER The word 87 , describing a performer who overacts, is apparently a shortened form of 8775 hamfatter 8776 and dates back to the late 6855s.The term 8775 half-world 8776 is meant to suggest that these women lived on the fringes of polite society.Famous characters of the demi-monde in the arts would be Violetta ( 8775 La Traviata 8776 ), perhaps Becky Sharp from 8775 Vanity Fair 8776 and maybe Colette 8767 s 8775 Gigi 8776 .The most famous of these assemblies was the Diet of Worms, a 66th-century meeting that took place in the small town of Worms on the Rhine River in Germany.