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When you’re slamming things in and up another human, sometimes surprises occur. Drop a couple of human stink bombs and exit their bedroom quick smart. Any action that leaves you feeling degraded, that you didn’t explicitly ask for or agree to, should be taken as a huge klaxon going off next to your ear telling you to about heel and flee the scene as fast as your legs can carry you. Warning signs include guilt-trips, assumptions about you and what you’re ‘up-for’, and telling you ex-partners used to willingly do what they’re asking of you.Many enjoy a playful spank or a consensual spot of throat grabbing when the moment takes you, but anything that leaves you feeling degraded is a firm No-No. Sure, some of the best sex is animalistic, but if the person you’re sleeping with refuses to shows you any affection, chances are they’re not a winner. If you’re left feeling starved of affection, or like you’ve been used – listen to your instincts. If the person you’re getting naked with doesn’t want to be sweet to you and make sure you’re having a nice time – ask yourself what are you really doing this for? If someone’s doing their best to make you feel as though you owe them something…we suggest you stop sharing your duvet with them immediately.This means that sometimes, you jump into bed with someone before you know for sure that they’re a decent human.

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I told him that it wasn't that I didn't like him, I just don't want to push things too far so soon.

He proceeded to ask me if I was going to continue to see other guys while dating him at the same time.

If your bed partner shudders at communicating about sexual safety, back away slowly and go find someone capable of interacting like an adult. If the person you’re shagging constantly puts their needs before yours and seems hell bent on milking everything they can out of each of your encounters, they’re never going to make you feel anything other than unloved and under appreciated.

A good person wants to do things for the person they are with – not just greedily lap up all the love and affection you give them.

I was never the type to juggle multiple people at once, but after being burned so many times in the past by concentrating on one person at a time, I personally find it easier now to date around before deciding to commit to just one person.

I just recently went on a first date with a very charming, decent, kind man, who I definitely am interested in.

Beware of those that suck you dry and keep hunting for someone that wants to give back. Don’t expose yourself to a life full of uncertainty, worry and wondering – it’ll eat you up inside.

We’re all human – it’s not possible to hold in every fart or to control all outputs of bodily fluids. If someone makes you feel bad about something you can’t control – chances are they’re a rotten egg. If the person you’re sleeping with has no qualms with looking into your baby blues and telling you a bare faced lie, you need to brush aside this bad human immediately. The problem with masters of manipulation is that they’re hard to spot.

However, I don't want to move too quickly with him, because I've experienced this "instant attraction" before, and learned that investing too much of myself too soon usually results in me getting hurt terribly.

The problem is, after just one date, he wants to be exclusive with me, and I am just not ready.

In a world where dickheads are seemingly loitering on every street corner, it can be hard to distinguish the winners from the sinners.