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English words are pluralized by adding an “s” flection (except for special some cases), but in Russian, for example, pluralization rules are much complex, therefore it is your job to add them.Suppose we want to display how many posts were written for the blog.You’ll get a YAML file that only needs to be copied into the directory – the translation is done!

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The only part of the page left untranslated in the “New Post” title and the “Back” link – I’ll leave them for you to take care of.Now let’s discuss how to localize date and time in Rails.But that’s not a problem – you can ask professionals to help you!Select Order Translations from the dropdown next to the locale, choose provider, provide details about your request and click Calculate price.Next we check whether this locale is supported and either set it or use the default one.

Now when you switch to a Russian language (or any other language you added support for, except for English), you’ll note that the header contains the “Welcome” word, but without the “! Use a tool like Firebug and inspect the header’s markup: Boot the server and click this new link.

Still, Rails has no idea how to translate model’s attributes and its title.

To achieve that, we have to introduce a special scope: Next try to submit an empty form and note that even the error messages are localized properly thanks to rails-i18n gem!

Here you may also download them, edit their settings and delete.

Next suppose we want to add support for German language and track which keys need to be translated. Note there is a small message saying “9 untranslated” meaning that you will have keys without the corresponding translation.

This involves extracting various bits (like strings, date and currency formats) out of a (Rails) application and then providing translations and formats for them.