Dating herpescold sores contagious

The severity of symptoms depends on where and how the virus enters the body.

Except in very rare instances and in special circumstances, the disease is not life threatening, although it can be very debilitating and cause great emotional distress.

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You know what they look like and what a pain they can be, but are they a sexually transmitted disease? Craig Austin, a dermatologist in New York City, cold sores usually aren't a sexually transmitted disease (STD). There are two kinds of herpes virus: HSV-1, which is usually not an STD and occurs on the lip, and HSV-2, which usually causes herpes genitalis, which is essentially an STD in the genital area.Both viruses can be transmitted by saliva, body secretions or oral sex.HSV-1 causes about 80% of all oral lesions and cases of HSV-1 genital herpes, below the waist, are rising."Prodromal Symptoms" such as pain, itching, or tingling, often precedes the blisters by one to two days.You can also spread your own virus by self-inoculation. If you touch an infected area that is shedding the virus on your own body, you can infect another area if you have not washed your hands before contact.

The herpes virus is easily killed with soap and water.

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The recurrent outbreaks are similar to the first infection, except they usually get milder with time.

You may have a a sore throat, or swollen glands in your neck.

After the prodromal stage, blisters appear, they usually break open, and leak clear infectious fluid, and then crust over lasting 2–24 days. Cold sores usually occur on the outer lip, but canker sores are found inside the mouth.

Recurrent oral herpes usually involves just the lips, with the mouth and throat involved to a much lesser degree.